New Sound Mod Perfected. Stereo and High Impedance

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Aug 25, 2020
LG V20
Mono version for both speakers?

Is there a version of this mod that outputs mono on both speakers? I like the utilization of the top speaker, but don't like the stereo between the top and bottom.
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Ice Fire

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Mar 18, 2017
Asus ZenFone 3
Mono version for both speakers?

Is there a version of this mod that outputs mono on both speakers? I like the utilization of the top speaker, but don't like the stereo between the top and bottom.
I second that. Such a mod would make my device complete. This state can be reached by switching the device to mono in the ui options but that is as unhandy as having to turn off the cutout in the developer options on LOS just to watch YT normaly.


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Sep 25, 2018
LG V20
Just wanted to give a belated thank you for this MOD. Didn't know I've been using it for years. I just flashed it over my ROM of VS99520d for the LG V20. I know I'm crazy but I swear the music is more balanced and dynamic coming out of the headphone jack compared to stock. A big improvement in the highs especially. I doubt I'd notice any difference in regular Cans, but I'm convinced it's better in my Sennheiser HD800.

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    Pay me back using my PayPal.Me link:

    NEW FLASHABLE ZIP FOR ALL ROMS AT BOTTOM OF POST. Stereo speakers with no forced High Impedance.

    If you want to support a broke dad of four kids any donations are appreciated.
    I am also planning on building ROMs for the V20 since most devs have dropped out.
    I am also almost finished with my complete social app.
    Any donations will get you my social app for free.
    It will be on the Play Store soon. However if you donate PM me with your donation info and I will send you a copy for free.

    Mirror to all files at bottom of post.

    Credits first off to my friend Freeza for which this mod was based off of. He gave me the go ahead to use and moddify any way I like.
    This is the result.

    I understand there are many files here but I like options.
    Trying to support as many V20 variants as we have.

    This is tested and works flawlessly on my Sprint LS997. This should work for all variants but this is made from latest firmware updates ZV7.

    This is something I have been working on for a few days and have now got it Perfected.
    I bring you Stereo sound via Front and Bottom firing speakers. Lowered volume to help protect your expensive device.
    I bring you Quad Dac high impedance mode when HiFi is enabled.
    Enjoy the full audiophile experience.

    Hit like if this helped you out.

    Unzip the file. Place it in root of internal storage in folder System/etc. Set permissions, turn device off then power back on.
    That is all.

    After setting my device up again I am pretty sure I found the problems some had as I had them that time.
    Found and fixed the problems. Hifi really FORCED with Stereo.

    rootlinux stereo high impedance FIXED

    All files moved to the bottom of this post. Link contains all zip files.

    Louder FIXED
    Volumes bumped up but still below dangerous levels.

    Louder MAX version 1

    Louder MAX version 2. Master volumes turned up

    More pronounced stereo effect FIXED
    Louder front speaker to blend sound levels for a more emersive feeling.

    High Impedance Bottom speaker ONLY loud without stereo effect.

    Restore to default settings.



    If you are on older firmware, try this file.
    It doesn't work on my updated firmware as it is based on my friend Freeza's older firmware update and modded further by me.

    Louder Test Mod based on Freeza's mod.

    More pronounced stereo sound. Louder front speaker ( still well under max volume ) to get a better sound experience.

    Even more pronounced stereo effect test file.
    Try it and let me know. Based on latest firmware.

    Updated bluetooth mod is below this one.

    BT mod moved to it's own thread.


    Check post for in call stereo loud speakers.

    All files as of November 2017!EIswmKDD!x_WwPfs9KIMQEGdECCSvx_WYCP3Nxnt7i0TNMMiqHzQ

    Sorry, I haven't been in much.
    My wife had brain surgery and following Grand Mal seizures so it has been rough.
    I posted to my YouTube channel just now about it. I will start my mods, social app and video reviews back up shortly if things keep improving.
    That's where I have been.
    Any app donations could really be used right now as she is out of work.
    If you donate remind me and I will send the app. Once it goes live with updates on the Play Store I will send keys to all donations.
    Thank you for your help.
    If you pray send them our way.

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    My wife is having bad seizures today.
    All files should be labelled correctly.
    The thread describes each file.
    I will get back as soon as my wife is feeling better.
    Until then others here will probably jump in to help.
    Sorry but I am trying to take care of my wife today.
    I want to thank everyone that is helping others out in this thread. That is what it is all about.
    So, thank you.

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    Master Mix with Stereo Loud Speakers and boosted in call volume

    Test this out.
    Stereo loud speakers for in call loud speakers.
    First to create this mod.