New Special Feature on New Firmware for Wave 3

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    Just open Multiloader Tick this Rc1 file And tick port search and Download ;)

    in This Case Alarm Popup Also Changing,Screeenshot :)

    -Download/Wave I-

    -Download/Wave II-



    You probably would not have designed the flash file because you may have got the files from wave 3 :(. I am trying desperately to get it working on my wave 575. I moved around the placing of the missed calls and SMS notifications but the wallpaper does not show up on screen. Guess I need to find someone who knows flash :)

    Was able to manage to port this for my wave 575 :) The positions of the missed calls/sms alerts were customized for the smaller wave 575 since I didnt want to resize all the icons because that is a lot of work.

    I am going through the flash code to see if I can find any reason for the sms bug
    New Feature Available for Samsung Wave 3.Lockscreen is the Same That ICS 4.0.4
    It is only New France Version available.And it is So Fast and So Smooth :)

    S8600XXLC3 - S8600OXALC2


    Here's a theme with new lock screen. For all you guys not willing to flash your phone. Just copy to your phone memory, in "Others" folder, and enjoy.
    Is there a way to recover the previous lock screen after the .rc1 flash ?
    Or a new firmware flash is required ?
    The bug is really annoying, even if the lock screen is really good.

    Flash Original Rc1 file
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