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New StatiXOS OFFICIAL 4.2 build for Essential PH-1

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May 17, 2016
I‘ve tried a clean install on the july built - didn‘t work.
I didn‘ use Magisk - no problem eirh disalignment.


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May 25, 2014
Any way to have Magisk without screen shift on the August build?

Also, the mic doesn't work at all on the loudspeaker, it's completely silent also using google recorder. Is it a bug on ROM, or is my mic dead?
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    For those with the Chrome issue of freezing I have a fix that another user in another ROM thread accidentally found!

    If you download

    and then reboot into recovery (TWRP, be sure to disable pin on phone before hand and backup everything) then flash the above (I wiped everything first but DON'T wipe internal storage) then I did a second wipe of everything but internal storage and then I flashed 4.2 of StatiXOS and then I flashed TWRP, then I rebooted phone and set it up from new and restored everything from Cloud backup and I can confirm that I no longer have the Chrome freezing issue.

    You can thank seungbaekm over in the Evolution-X 5.4 thread for this fix as he is the one that accidentally flashed the older PH-1 factory image and discovered Chrome then worked again! This should fix the issue for all the new Android 11 ROM 's out there for us folks that have the Chrome browser locking issues.

    I did not even test the new 4.2 ROM on its own to see if it happens to fix the Chrome issue but I doubt that it does since it is not mentioned in the release notes. Also I have no idea if any of the other original factory images will also fix the issue, I only downloaded the one they he said he accidentally flashed and used it.

    Hope this helps everyone with this issue as I know how frustrating it has been. Sure, there is the Bromite/Brave/Firefox work around, and I have been using and enjoying Bromite since 4.1 but I like having things working the way they are supposed to work.

    4.2 has been release

    "Introduce our OTA Updater!"
    Following this great insight about the fix of the Chromium issue, I only flashed mata PQ1A.190105.090 NOVENDOR firmware from this old thread, without wiping anything of my current StatiXOS 4.2 installation, and after booting Brave is working perfectly.

    So, it seems the issue was caused not by the ROM system or vendor, but the mata QQ1A.200105.007 firmware.

    As a consequence of flashing this old no system nor vendor firmware, my device baseband was downgraded, but mobile data seems to be working just fine. I guess it's possible to test newer firmware available at the referenced thread, like PQ1A.190105.112, QP1A.190711.107 or QP1A.190711.148, to identify the latest firmware free of the Chromium issue.

    More good news: now Netflix is working fine, also.

    UPDATE: I tried all the these firmwares and Netflix worked fine only with the Pie ones. So, PQ1A.190105.112 is the more recent mata firmware that I can use on my PH-1 with StatiXOS 4.2 in order to keep Chromium browsers and Netflix working.
    In case you root your PH-1 with Magisk, is the screen misalignment bug showing at this August build?
    Yes, both the screen misalignment and the camera crash are there. Back to May again...
    You should be able to flash the older Pie firmware without wiping from what I have read but I have not tried that yet. I might try it with the very latest firmware of Pie, PQ1A.190105.112 and see if it screws anything up without wiping the phone. Anyway I always to a backup of the phone to the cloud and also of Whatsapp before I start messing around just in case I have to wipe and so far all my restores have worked perfectly, but yes it is a pain to have to setup wifi's and add back in BT devices and setup security and any double authentication apps you use. Getting used to it now though.
    Flashing the contents of the attached files using fastboot should make your device to use last firmware for Android Pie, without losing your current ROM installation.