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New to Android-help me fix this Galaxy Tab

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Aug 14, 2011
A friend told me he would sell me his galaxy tab and that he had recently done a factory reset (not from system recovery but within the OS) and it had booted up once since then. When we tried to power it on the battery was dead and so we charged it a little. It then kept getting stuck on the "verizon wireless" screen and would not load. This was with an external sd card inserted.

I told him I'd buy it if I could figure out how to fix it and he took out the sd card because he wasn't sure if he had "left anything on it". So I went home without a sd card and did some research. Figured out how to get into system recovery and tried to wipe it. I ended up with this screen below.

I asked a friend who has had android devices and he directed me to the restore directions using Heimdall.

Spent hours getting that to work, but I'm still getting the same errors and no loading. What do I need to do to have a tablet that works like a factory device. And yes, I've already spent hours searching and googling but I don't want to do anything to further screw it up.

Is it as simple as the external sd card that was removed?


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