New to OS, serious file management issue

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Hey everyone. Since I am new to Lineage OS (18.1), I have been reading many of the threads here hoping to learn from others, mistakes and knowledge. But recently I have had an issue with file management. Originally I was going to post a thread asking how I can delete or at least disable the native Files app, but after reading a few threads on a similar subject, I realize I would be heading into issues if I did successfully delete it. So, instead I will explain the issue(s) I am facing and then see what any of you educated peers (and in the past, lifesavers) have to offer for advice. I love this OS so I don't want to have to go back, but if I can't resolve this issue, I have no choice.

Okay, so the native files app cannot see the /emulated/Android/data or /emulated/Android/obb folders at all. Every other file management app I have installed (too many actually) can see those folders which would be fine but there are a few apps asking me to approve access to those folders or subfolders therein, and it ALWAYS opens the native Files app to accomplish that. So there are a few apps I cannot use at all till I can figure that part out.


Also, I am a heavy user of the Autosync app and every new device I install it in, on first run, in the settings, I need to Enable Write Access. Pressing that again, ALWAYS opens the native files app. Although the native Files app can see the SD card/External Storage, the Use this Folder button is greyed out and when I attempt to press it anyways it states, "Can't use this folder - To protect your privacy, Choose another folder".


I am sure there is an easy way around all this but it is becoming annoying, to be as nice as possible. I hope I am just overlooking something cause I would rather feel like a n00b dumbass instead of having to lose this new (to me) and wonderful OS, or even worse, lose access to several frequently used apps. Thanks for reading and more thanks if you are able to help!