New TS10 UIS7862 6gb ram 128gb head unit q&a's

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Sep 24, 2022
Hello. I just installed an update on my TS10 and now it have the Color app. Before update, there is no Color app. The apps suppose to change the panel button color right? But it did not work in my case. I change the color but the panel button color won't change. or is there a correct way to do so? Anybody can guide me? Thank you

This is after update View attachment 5776793
Good morning,

I think that if the color APK wasn't there it's likely that the module to manage the colors of the touch keys is missing.

This is my opinion but... ;)
Model of the radio purchased?


Aug 5, 2011
I tried but it didn't work. my tlink version was but I tried 5.2.46 and 5.2.60 the result is unsuccessful


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Oct 1, 2012
Good morning,

I think that if the color APK wasn't there it's likely that the module to manage the colors of the touch keys is missing.

This is my opinion but... ;)
Model of the radio purchased?
But the color app is there now after update, still means the APK is not there? The truth is, i'm not sure which model i have. how do i check that?


Jan 30, 2018
Hello everyone

I buy new TS10 - 4 ram 32 rom from navistart Aliexpress market

I add 360 cameras function on it before i buy it and i have 360 app on head unit

I need to know 2 things :

1- i was installed 2 cameras before on car cvbc - ntsc and i change the camera on TS10 and the picture is showing, BUT the color for image it’s showing RED/blue color that make the image not clear ( photo attached). How i can fix that ?? PS: the cameras was work very good before i change head unit.

2- i want to update head unit ( photo attached) but i am afraid of loose 360 app , and the system version not showing in the end 360 as i see in this post it is ( TS10.2.2.... WINDOW-THEME1 )
Can I upgrade to latest update 29-11-2022 with out loose app or 360 or anything??
Link :


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Mar 6, 2008
I am planning to buy an justnavi Qt10 which should be a rebranded ts10.

I'm a correct that the TS10 support wireless android auto?
I would be really thankful if someone can verify this?
I've searched the topic an saw you need Tlink 1.9.5 but is could quite make out that Android auto will definitely work wireless.

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    Hi guys, need some help here...

    Anyone know password for boot animation, my unit ask for password when going to change boot animation

    Password: Topway
    But it's not firmware for 360.
    Maybe I don't understand why I use google translate. :cry:
    Yes, maybe because the firmware is not specific for 360 built-in. I'm still waiting for the driving os version. But in here that no one has reviewed the trial version yet.
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    Good morning,

    I don't know what improvements they have included exactly but I read one thing on social networks... it seems that the new firmware introduced from November 2022 (from now on) the android car radio will receive updates via "FOTA". A big step forward for these TS10 models and I believe for the TS18 cousins.
    So.... IT WORKS! ! ! ! Do you understand it or not :) it just works, it came to life! ! !
    You are great, thank you so much for your time, patience and help, really big thanks guys, huge respect for you.

    it works, it works, it works :)
    Nope. 2016 Dodge Durango Limited.
    Because I know that VW cars need a 'Phantomeinspeiseadapter' (don't know how it's called in EN) which powers the antenna via the antenna wire. Maybe you CAN ask Google if Dodge uses the same technology here.
    Ok so if anybody has a question the GPS is an active GPS with 2.8-3 volts
    I have made a discovery. My head unit was set to bc6 for the Bluetooth module. I have no idea what it was originally set to because I had to flash firmware to it to get it to work when I first got it. It had terrible audio compression issues. I just switched it to BC8 figuring heck it won't break anything. I'm so glad I did there was an immediate Improvement. I suspect that bc8 head units can work in BC6 mode however it's in a degraded fashion. Also now there's an option to update the Bluetooth APK. Does anybody have one that's better?
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    For everyone whos struggles with autostart/autorun an app and still cant decide which launcher to take. Here is a manual how to autostart any app.

    From here: Topway TS10 firmware

    password: TopwayTS10
    New firmware is now released for the 1.2 WINDOW-THEME1 version - TS10.1.2_20220721.111654_WINDOW-THEME1 in this release have they now put back the FOTA that was removed in earlier versions.

    Download link:

    I spent this weekend digging deep into my headunit both looking at the hardware which made me think that if the Chinese manufacturers would put as much effort as they do in faking the hardware/software (Android version) and trying to block all software that will show that its not a Android 11 or 12 unit so could this unit be a great one.

    On the software side is the BIG problem that we have a firmware which is made for the chinese market and after that been remade again and again until its so messed up so you have to spend several months trying to find what you looking for and its filled of pincodes to enter settings. They messed up the basic settings for example autostart that will not work or the inbuilt microphone and Google Assistant because the Google settings is crippled. I really wish there will come a CLEAN version of the firmware which is like a Google Pixel phone without all the crap.

    The same with the preinstalled Theme app where that one now lately is called ilauncher and you still need to pay for the extra themes (well if you have the Chinese version so are there free themes monthly but not otherwise) and where most people have no idea that if you upgrade it correctly will you have support now for Spotify where the songs and album cover will show up nicely in the stock theme.

    But there is still no support for the stock theme to use and show song names and covers for example Rocket Music player, PowerAmp, Musicolet, AIMP or Jet Audio Player instead do we need to use the inbuilt music/videoplayer that has a UI that makes me believe im back in the 80s again and just want to make me cry.....
    Could you please give a screenshot of the setting you changed or at least where in the settings the function is.

    As promised, sorry video seems a bit blurry phone failing to focus :)