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Mar 4, 2022

Where can I find "3COM.ts.mainUI8" and how do I install it?
quick google search, found for MTK 8227L_8. Not TS10, APK might work though. find on page "mainui8"
perhaps 3COM.ts.mainUI8 is just in charge of the UI of whatever the car launcher features appear as. The APK Could also be non-interchangeable among different car launchers.
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Anton TNT

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Sep 24, 2020
Android Automotive OS
quick google search, found for MTK 8227L_8. Not TS10, APK might work though. find on page "mainui8"
perhaps 3COM.ts.mainUI8 is just in charge of the UI of whatever the car launcher features appear as. The APK Could also be non-interchangeable among different car launchers.
It works for older units, but this is specific for mediatek devices, Qualcomm - TS10-18 ?
I don't know if they will work for sure. Not tested yet. 3com.ts.mainUI is inteded to work with JUNSUN V1-V2 firwmare/theme. I saw that my unit TS18 has Junsun theme so will probably work. Use APK installer inner app to install and deinstall, otherwise you face reinstalling whole system if something goes bad with install of new process. I suggest to back up all system settings and whole disk/root directory to USB drive (copy/paste).
Also changing themes with inner theme app of unit TS10-18 changes UI theme, desktop and icons. Standard integrated apps like radio and music theme does not change with changing of the main theme, only with changing com.ts.mainUI process.
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May 29, 2023
I recently purchased a justnavi head unit.. But in the settings I missing reverse settings option,


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May 29, 2023
Hey guys I connected my 360 camera but no image.. Please help


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Jul 28, 2022
Good morning everyone,

New firmware version for vertical screen:

Password: TopwayTS10

Changelog without translation... :unsure:

Google translate:

==================================================== ========
==================================================== ========
1. Added: the first update of the image, support for OTA online upgrade system
2. Optimization: 360 display is dark
3. Optimization: The normal CVBS reversing signal camera may have no image problem
4. Optimization: select language probabilistic pop-up error problem
5. Optimization: button icon display in the bottom area of the vertical screen
6. Update: 360 version 539
a. Optimize 360 stuck problem
7. Update: Modification of synchronous horizontal screen sharing function


May 27, 2023
Has anyone changed the Android version from 10 to 11 or from 10 to 12? Any improvement? Is it recommended to upgrade?


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May 31, 2023
While playing music on radio or bluetooth when I go on reverse mode music gets quiter and doesn't get pause, which is ok. However, when I open TLink5 app to use carplay and go on reverse mode music gets paused unlike other modes, radio or bluetooth, music gets quiter. Is there any solution, to let the music on TLink5 (Carplay) get quiter but not paused?

The headunit name is Ts10 4GB Ram 64GB, images attached below about the system info.


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Jun 21, 2015
Yes use different theme or find/download/install different "3COM.ts.mainUI8" process, it will change default one for all apps installed
Sorry, could you explain it a bit more?
I'm interested in updating/editing the bluetooth app too.
I recently tried to use other apps for the main theme like Car Launcher or FCC but they don't show the default bluetooth app for music streaming, that can be pretty annoying, can't change the song with anything but the base Infinity theme that have a coupel cheap themes and all the others require money.
If there is a apk to update the bluettoh app it would be great, as I updated the firmware and some apps the headunit came with, but the bluetooth feature didn't change one bit.

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    Thank you !!! I will try !
    Additionally, use the GPS app (mine called "AndroiTS GPS Test") to check placement of GPS antenna to maximise reception of satellites, mine:

    Hey, can you describe if and what has changed? Does the app run smoother? Did you have to activate some license? I would be grateful :)

    I have Tesla style screen and the layout didn't fit properly (everything was stretched). Due to that I didn't use it.
    After update the scale and layout fits perfectly. Connecting is stable.
    I didn't have to activate the license, it looks like it recognised the device
    Good morning

    Hi @dje01360
    Try to set the GPS with the parameters indicated in the quote, See also images.

    However there is also some firmware update, if you are interested:
    Password: TopwayTS10

    1、Solution: After the overseas version of OTA online system automatically set the GPS constellation mode to GPS+BD2+Galileo (customers who have solved the problem of GPS not positioning do not need to upgrade the formatting file)
    (PS: If you encounter BeiDou satellites in overseas countries that are not supported, you can let customers go to Settings-Factory-Engineering Mode-LOCATION-SGPS-infomation to choose GPS+GLONASS+Galileo)
    Hi, I have kinda problem with the Unit that somehow its not turning off. and therefor my car won´t start next day, because the battery is dead.!

    I have tried setting sleep - 2 hours - no sleep. but still same result car baterry dead next day....
    Does anyone have some ideas how to fix this, is there a setting that i´m missing or something like that.
    This will work for you, too:

    Because I tend to drive my Mazda MX-5 sporadically, I have power (ACC and B+) for the TS10 wired through a DPST rocker switch:

    Hey I have a TS-10 Android head unit and it has the 360 module installed and I have the 360 switch activated but I can't find the 360 app. What will happen if I plug in 360 cameras? Can someone confirm if the firmware I have installed supports 360 camera? If not do you have an archive of firmware for the TS-10 head unit that has 360 camera support?
    hi bro,

    I think the only 360 firmware, that supports your device, (that I know of) should be this:

    But in this case you would lose the WINDOW theme that your vendor gave you for free, however you should still be able to set the windows from the control panel.

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    For everyone whos struggles with autostart/autorun an app and still cant decide which launcher to take. Here is a manual how to autostart any app.

    From here: Topway TS10 firmware

    password: TopwayTS10
    Hi everyone! i been continued to test new firmwares and Tlink versions for our "dear" TS10 headunits and I have gone trough over 100s of them and the newer firmwares usually mostly mess up more things than they bring anything useful.

    But this week i installed TS10.1.2_20230220.171000_WINDOW-THEME1 (NOTICE! this is for units with the 1.2 versions of the firmware, NOT for 2.2 or 1.1 or any other versions! and NOT for the vertical window ones).

    And on top of that did i install the new version of Tlink 2.0.18 to get a fully working Android Auto/Carplay.

    Which led to that i for the first time got a almost perfect working TS10. The only thing that was a bit tricky was to connect the phone to TLINK, but by trying several times (i removed the bluetooth connected units on my phone and headunit and re-connected) did it finally work wireless also (it worked directly with cable).

    Here is the links for the daring ones to try it out, all on your own responsibility!


    Tlink 2.0.18

    NOTICE! if you have problems with registration of TLINK, try this version instead (All credits goes to DarkVoid).

    Good luck everyone!
    Could you please give a screenshot of the setting you changed or at least where in the settings the function is.

    As promised, sorry video seems a bit blurry phone failing to focus :)
    New firmware is now released for the 1.2 WINDOW-THEME1 version - TS10.1.2_20220721.111654_WINDOW-THEME1 in this release have they now put back the FOTA that was removed in earlier versions.

    Download link:

    I spent this weekend digging deep into my headunit both looking at the hardware which made me think that if the Chinese manufacturers would put as much effort as they do in faking the hardware/software (Android version) and trying to block all software that will show that its not a Android 11 or 12 unit so could this unit be a great one.

    On the software side is the BIG problem that we have a firmware which is made for the chinese market and after that been remade again and again until its so messed up so you have to spend several months trying to find what you looking for and its filled of pincodes to enter settings. They messed up the basic settings for example autostart that will not work or the inbuilt microphone and Google Assistant because the Google settings is crippled. I really wish there will come a CLEAN version of the firmware which is like a Google Pixel phone without all the crap.

    The same with the preinstalled Theme app where that one now lately is called ilauncher and you still need to pay for the extra themes (well if you have the Chinese version so are there free themes monthly but not otherwise) and where most people have no idea that if you upgrade it correctly will you have support now for Spotify where the songs and album cover will show up nicely in the stock theme.

    But there is still no support for the stock theme to use and show song names and covers for example Rocket Music player, PowerAmp, Musicolet, AIMP or Jet Audio Player instead do we need to use the inbuilt music/videoplayer that has a UI that makes me believe im back in the 80s again and just want to make me cry.....