New Update .532 have just come!

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Dec 9, 2009
SOD is still there and the 2 min boot with backlight opt. off aswell.

Now I will try with the Sony Update Service with a full wipe...

Hard to believe...

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    My Z U just have received new update .532.
    Now it's updating! Very exciting.
    P/S: I'm from Vietnam. :D
    Sony should receive some praise for being quick with the updates, but i think it would've been better if they actually fixed things :p
    it be nice if sony started releasing change logs with their oh so frequent updates

    Any one tried to root it with vroot??

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    Yes no problem :thumbup:

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    I guess we all have different hardware manufacturers.
    Because not everyone have sods.

    If you guys will report SOD issues on sony web site they will take this problem more seriously.

    Max reports more chance they will fix that fast.

    Also after any software update I highly recommend to repair your phone with Sony Update Service. (That will help you "fully" clean your device. We all know what's happening when you installing new base on top of old. (Please remember dirty installation will result to many bags/old sod's, even after new latest update)

    Stay tuned
    Best Regards.

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    Can anyone post kernel.sin?

    I'm sorry I interrupted you.:eek:

    If you can give me system/directory I'll help you.

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