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    WIP. Hello everyone. My main goal is to help out the "gamers" and those who need maximum performance out of their phone without losing much battery. Wanna play PUBG on MAXIMUM graphics with 60 or EXTREME framerate just to flex on friends? Well, do it. But don't play like that. Feel free to try out every game and report any problem that you have. We can fix it most likely. If you want, join my Telegram group and we can talk about future updates, maybe higher screen Hz, higher GPU performance, or other recommendations.

    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
    • Based on NoName source
    • Amazing battery life while maintaining performance, works on any ROM
    • GPU overclocked from 710MHz to 840MHz for better gaming experience(be sure to check in a kernel manager if it's set to 840MHz)
    • GPU underclocked to 150MHz for more battery.
    • CPU screen has been OC'ed to 65Hz, 67Hz, 69Hz and 71Hz (from 60Hz) - more fluidity, less lag
    • Latest touch drivers for no more touch issues
    • 3300-3600mAh charging
    • Power efficient workqueues and idle power consumption is reduced to the absolute minumum
    • SafetyNet bypass
    • F2FS support
    • Latest Wi-Fi drivers for better and more stable connection
    • Latest patches
    • Many more under the hood improvements, the code speaks for itself
    • More magic? Find out later... Recommended to be used with Ben's Thermal v5 (link in Telegram, don't use any other placebo thermals, they might make things worse) and optionally FDE.Ai for maximum performance.
    How To Install:
    You can install this kernel by flashing it through your favourite recovery (TWRP, Redwolf, etc). Yes, that's it. Enjoy your phone!

    • If 71Hz doesn't work for you, try 69Hz, if even that doesn't work, try 65Hz.
    • OC isn't dangerous, and everything here was tested before for a very long time. You might hear some buildbots saying "umagash OC dmgez phune" but try for yourself. I will guarantee you won't be the first whose phone will get damaged :) *wink*
    • This kernel already has the best battery life since its build on disrupt with additional tweaks for gaming like overclock.
    sesh 3.0: Bringing in the best optimisations for Poco F1; since we're the only kernel still brinking high performance for the best battery life, and also being one of the safest and biggest for the community.


    Telegram Group:
    seshstation Discussion Group

    • @christpp one of my best teachers, if you want to help me, than just help this guy. Whitout him nothing would be possible. :3
    • @mosimchah the second guy, who helped me with every problem I had. Don't thank me, thank this guy instead!
    • @franciscofranco
    • All LeEco/Pocophone F1 users and devs - Thank you for using my kernel. Means alot!

    meme is a meme, so here you go: https://www.paypal.me/d1stru3t0r


    u wanna laugh? Go on, I don't care lulz <- for the haters
    do you guys remember when some buildbots claimed that pocos will die in like 2 weeks? This was back in 2018, and since then still SESHSTATION is the safest kernel LMAO​
    r4 ready, with full CAF support and all the bugs fixed. No mote random issues or reboots! Also raised OC, better touch, battery life (backup) and more performance ?

    ETA? t.me/seshstationkernel 1500 member OR this week. Depends.

    @donationS as some of you already asked for it to make a donation, i won't post my donation link. I do this for free, and I don't expect anyone to pay for this. I helped Franco with his FK Manager sells, so if you bough that you totally helped him!

    Since ALL the kernels will be just modified, or rebased, I won't even post a donation link. We're a community, we're all friends, we help each other. I do this for myself and just share here.

    Also, source will be uploaded within a week of posting the kernel. Hopefully we can make it in time for everyone.

    This is my gift for all of you, and id you want to thank me, just spread the kernel for as many users as possible.

    GPU OC AND EXTRA FAST CHARGING is disabled by default, so noone will damage their phone. Also, screen OC have 0.1% chance of bricking your screen, which won't happen, and it won't cause more battery drain.

    Since the GPU is underclocked, you will have the best battery life.

    R4 has full CAF support, and will only work with Q roms.

    Edit: 20 like on this post for next info ?

    Thread cleaned!
    I would advise all members to read the forum rules AND GPLv2 before you run your mouth about kernels!
    NO ONE has created a kernel from scratch since before 2008!!!
    All kernels are built on each other and 1000's of other developers' work!
    GPLv2 states you are free to use any of that work, modify and release!
    Credits should be pulled with commits.

    Now take this cleaning as a friendly warning! There are a lot of posts that could have been actioned!
    If you find a GPLv2 violation, feel free to report it...but the attacks in this thread stop NOW!

    Thank you for your cooperation
    "Friendly" Neighborhood Moderator
    New update is coming in some hours. Even more magic from Franco, even more support from me, so more people can use the kernel, 65, 67 and 71hz,no more bugs in games(like asphalt) , HDR fixed, even newer touch drivers for even better touch accuracy.

    New kernel is TOTALLY SAFE AND TESTED. Charging will throttle at high temperature IF you use your phone, SCREEN OC was proven NOT TO damage the screen, and GPU OC is now more stable than ever.

    Thanks for the hype, the kernel was downloaded MORE THAN 7500 TIMES in less then a week(+from 4PDA+Telegram and from YouTube). You're awesome guys ❤️

    If previous version didn't worked for you, be sure to test the NEW 65Hz one, it worked for everyone yet.

    If you have any problem or suggestion, or just wanna discuss, come and talk with us.

    Best gaming kernel is alive and will continue to help you to play whiteout lag ?, be sure to give it a try, even if you want BATTERY over performance. It's underclocked too which means more BATTERY LIFE for you compared to other kernels.

    More instruction will come too. Stay tuned.
    Well you asked for 20 likes. There you go..
    Waiting for more info ?

    Well, would that be a secret that we enabled ULPS?
    Also, we underclocked the GPU even more for more battery? ?
    Lh wait, latest CAF tag for more Snapdragon optimisation?
    Also, higher GPU freqs? Oh, higher charging too (experimental)?
    Alot of backports from newer kernel versions?
    Fixed HDR even more?
    Latest kernel version?
    Updated GCC 10 compile, using the absolut latest?
    NVT optimizations for absolut best touch?


    I wanted 30 like, you ruined absolutely everything :p