New Update for the Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Watch Active 1

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Feb 22, 2022
MOD Edit: Hello everybody. Also I have the same problem as watch3 not turning on. I wanted to try to load a firmware, do you think it can work? I have the 46mm lte TIM version. I try to connect the watch in wireless download mode but the connection is not stable. Can you help me?

Ciao a tutti. Anche io ho lo stesso problema di watch3 che non si accende. volevo provare a caricare un firmware, secondo voi può funzionare? ho la versione 46mm lte TIM . Provo a connettere orologio in modalità download wireless ma la connessione non e' stabile. Sapete aiutarmi?
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    R800XXU1DSL1 OXA

    R810XXU1DSL1 OXA

    R500XXU1DSL1 OXA

    The NETODIN required for the assumption is included in the package

    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    R500XXU1DSL1 OXA

    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    New significant update rolling out now for the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active 1. Just wanted to let you all know if you haven't received the update yet. Currently updating mine as I type this! See the attachment for information on the update.
    Not looked into the Netodin route. But tempted except eas told by samsung store that if it goes wrong it will invalidate warranty. Is it easy? I know there is a ppt i could read (and will) just wanted opinion? Thanks guys and happy Christmas
    It is not difficult. I've done it quite a few times without problems. The tricky part for me is to maintain connection while loading the AP BT and CSC files in NetOdin. I sometimes have to start all over again when the connection got lost (= the IP address is not showed anymore in NetOdin).
    Once the files are loaded and the IP address is still shown, it's just a matter of pressing the start button and leave watch and laptop for about 20 mins.
    One tip: disconnect any network cable from the laptop before you start. NetOdin can have difficulties connecting to your watch if you don't remove the cable.

    About when to expect the DSL1 update in Europe: it took the CSG4 update 17 days to cross the ocean after release in the US. DSL1 was released December 10th in the US, so it looks like it will take a few more days if crossing the ocean takes as long as it did for CSG4.
    SM-R800 and SM-R810...

    Now only 4 CSC (Sales Code) left for DSL1 FOTA:

    These 4 still on CSG4...

    For SM-R500 more CSC still R500XXU1CSH3...

    Nothing new about LTE devices...

    Best Regards