New user - V20 H-990N (DualSim) Root? :)

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Dec 12, 2013
Hi to all of you ! :)
- Sorry for asking and creating a new topic, but i just got my phone with Android 7.0 and i am asking if there is already the Way to gain Root ?
if so, can you please link me the topics ?

- Second question: i puted the nova launcher but when i double click to turn off, or on sometimes i dong get the screen on but only the touch bouttons. (i had to get back to the default Lg v20 louncher) anyone else has noticed this ?

- Does it exist any ''must have'' mod for any optimizations like for example, wish the ''screenshoot'' taker could had the buttons down and not on the top of the screen. Same for the ''clean all'' while closing the appliactions, it has a big screen so bringing ''close all down'' would have been much better''

- I have used greenify and cerberus for a long time with my previous phones, so do they work fully without root ?

- what is the most ''optimized'' and the most ''complete'' ROM for this phone here (if rooted) ?

Best regards and thank you in advance !!
Love this amazing phone...wish i can get the most of it by rooting it.

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    No it isn't rootable.

    A forum search would have informed you.

    Yes. Greenify and Cerberus work without root.

    The are hardware buttons for screenshot functions. A Google search will inform you.

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