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New Version FreeStyl Windows Mobile v0.1.1.1 (15/12/07)!

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This .CAB file includes the FreeStyl HTTP Server, the FreeStyl Launcher Flash Application, the FreeStyl Locker Flash Application, and the FreeStyl Configuraiton Applet.
Also included in the install are a selection of .PNG icons for use with the Launcher as well as a single sample wallpaper image.

Current Version : (Dec 13th, 2007) BETA VERSION

Please view the installation instructions for this release.

systeme requis: Adobe Flash Lite and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2

Freestyle launcher + configuration

There is a new build of the Core package available! This release addresses a bunch of speed issues and cleans up several other minor bugs that were reported in the original FreeStyl release last week. This release also contains the Weather applet! We have moved the locker applet and the weather applet into the main launcher application so everything is running inside the same Flash .swf file. You should find this release to be much speedier in and out of the locker and the weather.
There are some open issues with this release as well… but rest assured… we are working on them! We plan on releasing a build about once per week atleast. So stay tuned to the website! As always, let us know what you think by posting comments to this entry or in the forums.
NOTE: This release also allows you to install the Interface on a storage card. All the wallpaper pack installs and the contact applet installs were updated to support storage card installation as well.

Freestyle build 13th, 2007) - Alpha Status

FreeStyl Server, Launcher and Locker


Contacts Screenshots and
New SERVER WeaTher!! Screenshots


FreeStyl Contacts Applet The Contacts applet allows you to browse your device-stored contacts visually, filtering by name, phone number type (ie, only show contacts for which you have mobile numbers, etc). This .CAB file installs the Contacts.swf file in the FreeStyl installation directory.

more information and video
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bonus Locker Screenshots


and wallpaper


There are many more in the packs


STEP 1: Device Requirements

Before installing FreeStyl, please be aware that your mobile device must meet the following requirements:
- Your device must be running Windows Mobile 5 or 6.
- Your device must be a 240×320 device (The interface will scale to a high-res screen, but your screen must be rectangular).
- Your device must have a touch screen.

Step 2: Install the .NET Compact Framework

FreeStyl requires the use of the .NET CF 2.0 (Base, SP1, or SP2 should work, however all of our testing has been done with SP2.
If your device is relatiely new, it is very likely that the .NET CF is already installed in ROM. If you run the mobile version of Live Search you already have this install as well… it is also required by a number of 3rd party applications.
If it is not already installed you can download it here: Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP2.
Microsoft.net Compact Framework 3.5

Step 3: Install Adobe Flash Lite

FreeStyl runs in a mobile version of Flash called "Flash Lite". Flash Lite is a standalone Flash player that is not bound to your mobile web browser, which allows more direct access to the device than a browser based Flash player here download

Step 4: Install FreeStyl

FreeStyle is distributed as a number of .CAB installation packages. At this time, there is not a desktop-based component of the setup process.
To install FreeStyle components, simply transfer the .CAB your mobile device via Active Sync, Storage Card, Direct Mobile Browser Download, or whatever method you wish to use. On the device, Click on Start, Programs, File Explorer and browse to the location of the .CAB file. Click on the .CAB file to begin the install.
The installation places two icons in your Programs folder, one to start the FreeStyl interface and another to stop the FreeStyl services.
Congratulations! FreeStyl is now installed and ready to use on your mobile device.
The installation routine will automatically remove older versions when installing later builds. If you wish to remove the components yourself, you can use the "Remove Programs" applet from your device’s Settings folder. Any custom wallpaper, icons, and contact pictures will not be removed, nor will your customized "settings.xml" file.
For Upgraders: If you are upgrading from an alpha release of FreeStyl (WNAI or FUI) it is very likely that your old installation is not in the same directory as the new one. Currently, FreeStyl will be installed to either \Program Files\FreeStyl or \Storage Card\Program Files\FreeStyl, depending on what you choose when launching the install.
To transfer your existing settings over, copy the settings.xml file, and any custom files in the LauncherIcons and Wallpapers folders from your old installation folder to the new install folder.


Q: Are you guys just trying to copy the iPhone interface?

A: Not at all. While it is true that the release of Apple’s iPhone provided the inspiration to launch the FreeStyl project, the focus of FreeStyl is to provide a sleek, stylish interface to the Windows Mobile platform. We feel that WM is a much more powerful and open system than the iPhone, as evidenced by the thousands of available 3rd party applications available for download.The default interface for Windows Mobile is functional, but not very attractive. FreeStyl is an attempt to translate some design ideas from interfaces like the iPhone onto the Windows Mobile platform.

Q: Why Flash Lite?

A: Flash Lite is a standalone Flash player for Windows Mobile, meaning that it is not "browser bound". This allows for functionality that is restricted in a browser based Flash player, as well as the ability to run in "full screen" mode, which is obviously vital to FreeStyl.

Q: Does this interface replace the one my phone? If so is it easy to remove and go back to regular Windows Mobile?

A: No. Nothing is overwritten or replaced on your device. The FreeStyl system is comprosed of a set of Flash applets (.SWF files) and a handful of .NET Compact Framework support applications. It is possible to configure your device to start FreeStyl automatically (by placing a shortcut to FUIStarter.exe in the \windows\Startup folder) and to "suppress" the display of the Today screen (via the configuration applet’s "Opts" tab), however neither of these options replace files on your device. FreeStyl can be removed via the standard "Remove Programs" applet in Windows Mobile.

Q: Does FreeStyl require any other software to run?

A: Yes, it requires Adobe Flash Lite and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2. There are links to both on our downloads page. Depending on your particular device, you may already have .NET CF 2 built into ROM, so it may not be necessary to install it.

Q: Is FreeStyl only FREE while its in BETA?

A: It is our intention to keep FreeStyl FREE. If you would like to help support the development of FreeStyl, please see the Donate link above.

Q: Is it easy to configure FreeStyl?

A: Yes, unlike some other launchers out there, we provide a configuration application that allows you to easily and visually configure your launcher icons any way you like.

Q: What other applications are you working on our planning?

A: Check out our applications page for a listing and descriptions of all the applications we have in the works or are planning… as time allows we plan on making all kinds of applications using FreeStyl. There is really no limit to what we can do with the interface! If you are exicited about what we have done already and are happily using the interface then please consider making a small donation… since this is just a hobby for us develop time is restricted to our free time… both Kurt and I have families and real jobs so sometimes development can be slow.

Some troubleshooting tips for those having problems

Below are a few scenarios and some troubleshooting tips… If you are having one of the problems listed below then try the steps associated with that problem and then post a comment in this message with details about your results… Please reference the issue # that you are having in your comments:
Issue #1: Unable to start launcher.swf
Troubleshooting: Try going into "Programs" and load up Flash Lite… once it is open use the file menu in Flash Lite to browse out and load the launcher.swf file manually… There may be a file association problem with Flash Lite opening .SWF files… You should only have to do this once… then do a soft reset and try loading up the FreeStyl like normal.

Issue #2: Black screen
Troubleshooting: Most likely your server isn’t starting for some reason… Launch FreeStyl… if you get a black screen exit out of Flash Lite and go into Pocket IE… Open the following URL: http://localhost:13000/SYSTEM~STATUS That should return some details about your number of voicemails, etc… if it does that means you server is running fine… If not that means your server is not starting. If your system does return the status information in Pocket IE but your launcher still just goes to a black screen then please post your system status results from Pocket IE in this thread.
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Apr 10, 2007
Downloaded it and still have the "Fui server"...btw how to make it automatically open rather than to go to the Program and choose the software


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Aug 10, 2006
96dpi friendly?

Hi there,

This rather nice I shall give it a test on my Uni later on, quick question is this 96dpi friendly? I'm hopefully getting my hands on an Ameo and this would look cool on the super huge screen :)


Nov 21, 2007
ok :)
but it doesn't want run! :(

I read this error when I running FreeStyl Startup:
"Unable to start LAUNCHER.SWF. Error code: Win32Exception"

what can I do? :confused:


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Mar 14, 2005
Doesnt work on Kaiser

With .net 3.5 installed
Flash Lite 2.1

The Server App shows an error (Details/quit).
The software doesnt come up since it can't find the server...



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Apr 30, 2007
This is fantastic. Just installed on my TyTN, works straight out the box!

I'm just waiting for the video to download so I can fully understand how to configure the interface so I have my own choice of apps running.

I will be back once i have had a play but first impressions are very, very good.

Well done chaps; donation coming your way presently.



Now had time to play after watching the video. For a beta this is very very good although one has to watch for memory usage. I ensure all programmes are closed down when not in use to prevent low memory.

Some very nice touches here like the wallpaper recycling feature. I tried to install the wallpapers onto my SD card; while the device told me it had been done, all the wallpapers simply got filed into a subfolder on main memory. Needs sorting.

I have not got round to creating contacts yet. I will report on this later.

Possible improvements:
- Enable drag and drop of icons rather than the tedious swap routine that is in use.
- Allow the sticky icons at the bottom of the screen to be customisable, in the same way as all the others. I don't use IE Explorer yet can't get rid of it!
- I consistently get loadup errors although once quit is selected, the app loads up anyway. I guess this will be tidied up in later editions.
- The app itself is quite slow in use, given that I am running this on a fast TyTN. Not sure whether this is a flash or coding issue. Getting applications to minimise rather than close made no difference to the speed of loading and unloading whatsoever. Nevertheless I will continue to use it.

I will be back with more.


Report 2:

Convert contact images does not work. Therefore can't find a way of creating contacts at the moment with pictures. Painful process for changing the static items. The app keeps bombing out. Still, my overall impressions are positive.

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Apr 24, 2007

I have it running on my wm6 i760. Runs NICE

I know its a beta and you are prolly fixing these things as we speak.
But anywho..
suggestions: Missed call, sms, email counter on the bottom, browse feature for the config, any plans for landscape mode?
Love the transitions, very, very, very nice app.


Oct 20, 2007

I want to test it but this application don't work on my HTC Touch Dual :(
I have an error when I use FUIStarter.exe

Can you help me ?


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May 22, 2007
thanks a lot, wen I try to run the program on my ppc 6700 , a message pops up that's says I need a newer version of microsoft .net compact framework, can any one help me please?


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Apr 30, 2007
thanks a lot, wen I try to run the program on my ppc 6700 , a message pops up that's says I need a newer version of microsoft .net compact framework, can any one help me please?

Just search for ms compact (dot).net framework version 2 or 3 and install.

@ Mendes,

I get these errors but if you click ok on the first window then quit on the other, it loads up anyway. Have you confirmed that you have the latest .net framework installed?


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