new zgpax s8 android 4.4 Mtk6572 excelente design

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Sep 30, 2012
Hi I know this is a long shot, but it's worth a try...
Does anyone have a broken one of these watches with a working usb port?
Mine has failed badly and I would like to get this watch working just to use as an mp3 while at work.
Thanks in advance

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    CrazyMan.Gomel Hi,
    Please if you can help me and tell me what I need to do to get this working recovery on my ZGPAX S8?
    Thanks and have a nice day,

    All you need is sp_flashtool and scatter file from firmware you are using now..

    Steps to get recovery installed:
    1) Run spflashtool and load scatter file from firmware.. as usual

    2) press combination Ctrl+Alt+V for entering in advanced mode..

    3) Go to Window -> WriteMemory (it's menu item or tab in main window)

    4) Select recovery file in first field and enter your position of recovery in nand into second field

    P.S. position of recovery you can get from scatter file:

    5) Click "WriteMemory" button, turn off your watch and connect it to your computer

    6) After flash proccess ends just disconnect your watch and turn it back on

    To get into recovery:
    1) Install adb on your computer and type into console:
    adb reboot recovery


    2) Install Xposed and its module gravity box and activate reboot options in power you can reboot into recovery directly from power menu!

    I used SPFlashTool can download it from attachments.. I can't upload it, sorry..but you can google for it..
    Here is my FULL IN-DEPTH review of the ZGPAX S8 (this version is from 2015, and with the newest firmware)
    More info and Camera Samples on my blog
    Sorry, you're absolutely right! What happens is that I installed two Xposed modules: appseting and gravity box. I mistakenly believed that appsetings was the program that allowed the status bar. After reading your post I eliminated gravity box and I lost the status bar, so now there is no doubts about the program that runs the status bar.

    To activate it you have to install the module, activate it in xposed framework modules and restart the watch. Then run the program and enter in "display tweaks". In "expanded desktop mode" select "immersive status bar". Restart again and... voilà! when you move your finger on the screen the status bar appears!

    Sorry again for the mistake. Now it is 100% tested
    After several attempts I think I've solved the issue of GPS. I have read a very interesting article by XDA called "Network Location Geolocation using wlan and data from Apple or a database of phone gsm cells at /sdcard/.nogapps/cells.db" and I have decided to install the modified file "NetworkLocation-gms apk "in system / priv-app" as well as a database of 50 mb in /sdcard/.nogapps/cells.db

    This is the link:

    The result has been satisfactory. First, the test switch YGP adding more satellite lines. And then he has positioned seven satellites in less than a minute, just 3G connected:

    View attachment 2978677
    downloaded the files and will use them as soon as my watch gets here tomorrow , thanks:good:

    Finally I'm not sure those files are useful. I've removed and the GPS works the same way

    By the way i disassemble the S8 in case you want to take a look:

    View attachment 2982472

    View attachment 2982473