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Nov 2, 2012
In what ways does the Z2 stand out over the S5?

I'm disappointed with the Z2's "edge" over its five-month predecessor. I'd much rather that they release a Z2 way later with more worthy specs than do it at this time.
In what way does not? And its a update for z and sp users not meant for z1 users

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Sep 18, 2012
Is the Z2 surrounded by rubber frame mixed with metal?

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Feb 20, 2013
But Its worth to upgrade from z to z2 but now what to choose z2 or z1c. Since i love the screen size of my xz but hate the battery cap of it. What do you think guys will it head to head with screen time hrs of z1c to z2 or not? Or it will kick ass by z1c?

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    Yes I know that, I just don't want it to be outdated too soon

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    The smartphone cycle has gotten pretty simple and formulaic if you follow it closely.

    Jan-April - Interim and half-baked products and copycats. Phonemakers who can't compete on mindshare and marketing take advantage of the lull to try and stand out by releasing the newest chips and not have to compete with bigger competitors. Snapdragon 600, Tegra 3. S4 Pro. 1080p. 720p. Tegra 2. They may look enticing if you just focus on that one spec, but the overall package is usually lacking, being more rushed, uneven, poorly optimized, buggy, and will get superseded by newer, more refined versions of their chips later in the year and better components and screens overall. Being first has its downsides. Also, just a general release period for smaller phonemakers to release phones with outdated hardware to take advantage of the lull and quietness.

    E.g. Motorola Atrix, Optimus G2x, Optimus 4x, Optimus G Pro, Xperia s, Xperia Z, Oppo Find 5, Lumia 920, Lumia 900

    May-Aug - The big boys other than Apple start releasing their flagship products. Usually Samsung and HTC. It takes a couple months for availability to reach a global scale.

    E.g. Galaxy S 1-4. HTC Sensation. HTC One X. HTC One.

    Sep-Nov - Everybody starts pouring out their flagship phones. Apple announces and subsequently releases their newest iPhone. Refined tech like the Sanpdragon 800 (what the 600 should be), chips with LTE radios, higher resolution screens that don't suck, and the quick disfavor of earlier Tegra chips, all come to a head. LG screws you over by implying their earlier phones were prototypes or copycats and pulls out their real flagship phone of the year. Sony releases yet another iteration in their six-month flagship phone cycle that is marginally better than what was available earlier. HTC and Samsung release updated versions of their earlier flagships with more refined hardware. The Galaxy Note gets released, and HTC's barely phablet. Motorola releases yet another boring kevlar backed Razr using pedestrian specs with no innovation, splitting it into three products with the M, regular, and Maxxx. Nokia, like LG, also makes fun of you for buying their half-baked interim product earlier in the year and finally releases their true flagship, aligning with the late-year release of Windows Phone that FINALLY supports somewhat modern hardware. The latest Nexus device comes along. It's the holidays when retailers get out of the black and companies get their largest revenue and profit. If you are gonna release something big, can pay for the marketing, and want it to sell quickly and not rot on the (figurative) store shelves while its tech becomes outdated, this is the time. Fewer people buy stuff earlier in the year, so products with short life cycles and high R&D costs should stick to this area, if you are not a perennial favorite like the iPhone or Galaxy S.


    Roundabout answer to question. If you want to stick to a yearly phone cycle, stick with the typical Fall release that's a no-brainer and in line with everything else, from video games to TV shows to Elmo toys. The phone you buy should be good for a year at least, and you have the widest availability of phones to choose, the most refined version of the good stuff, and the manufacturing process of said good stuff has been ironed out and revved up so you won't be geting buggy 1.0 hardware components and they are churning out at maximum capacity with the widest release.
    Went hands on with the ZU tonight. Very high quality device. Felt very sturdy and felt better in the hand than the Xperia z due to the beveled edges. It is a big device. But super thin. Couldn't believe how thin and light it was. Made the XZ feel chucky.

    OS ran super super smooth. The pen input was very cool with a pencil. Felt weird using a pencil on a smartphone screen but it recognized things great and very fluid while writing/drawing.

    The screen was gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. And for those of you into viewing angles it looked great from all angles. The flaps felt better and more sturdy that the XZ. The bezel size on top and bottom serves a good purpose as when using the XZU in landscape you can comfortably hold it with one hand without touching the LCD.

    Even though the XZU is giant it didn't feel that way because of how thin and light this thing is. I thought the Tablet Z was thin.....the XZU beats it and feels much better. Loved the metal edges of the device. And it looks great in purple.

    Didn't test the camera other than taking a picture to mess with in the drawing app that was on it.

    I can see people getting this device to take the place of a phone and 7" tablet. Fills both those needs IMHO.

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    I went to a recently opened (Yersterday) Sony "Pool Up" store (Meaning they had a pool with guys and gals playing with devices under water) in Madrid and I had the chance to try the Xperia Z Ultra.

    It's ****ing amazing. They had it under tight security, saying that it was only a prototype, and they let no one to touch it.

    After a little chat with the manager, and after convincing him I was a HUGE Sony fan, (I carried a Xperia S, a Xperia Z and a Sony Walkman Z with me), he let me play with it for a while, leaving me =O I was jumping in excitement when he let me touch it. He told me "you know more about Sony devices than the people working over here" (Thank you Xperia Blog and XDA)

    My devices:


    The Store:


    My Xperia Z compared to the Xperia Z Ultra on display:



    Me and the Z Ultra:



    I was so blown away that I just remember seeing the About Phone stuff. Kernel 3.4 and Android 4.2.2. Everything else was just jaw dropping.
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