Next Generation of Ultra Gesture Keyboard: TouchPal Wave


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Jul 14, 2011

TouchPal Wave, a sentence based gesture input technology presented at 2013 Mobile World Congress , is a breakthrough innovation to input a sentence with simple gesture!

Unique advantages of TouchPal Wave:
  • 2X your input speed on touchscreen
  • Save > 90% of keystrokes
Here is the link to see TouchPal Wave video:

Were you eager to be a beta forerunner for using this amazing ultra-gesture keyboard?
Now TouchPal Wave beta is well prepared for your review!
This is a valuable and rewarding opportunity for TouchPal fans & followers!
Here is the TouchPal Wave beta download link with invitation code:

How to get the beta invitation code:
Step1:Follow @TouchPal on twitter and retweet this tweet:
Step2: Send an email to [email protected] with your XDA ID and Tweet link, and we'll enable beta access for your account.

  • First round of beta version only supports English. Other languages will be supported in the near future.
  • The beta version might be updated frequently. Please follow us on twitter ( to receive the latest updates from us.
Beta Rewards Coming soon…
We are currently preparing beta rewards for our participants, everyone has the chance to get the gifts from this program.
How to get beta rewards:
Campaign 1: 50 E-Gift cards for participants who complete the following mission:
Step1: Follow us on twitter (, and @TouchPal say something your feel about TouchPal Wave, the video link must be attached:
Or Retweet this tweet:
Step2: Reply this thread and post your tweet link.
Campaign 2: 50 E-Gift cards for participants who complete the following mission:
Reply this thread with your valuable feedbacks, either positive or constructive.
Notes: Please allow 1-7 business days after the event has ended to receive your reward via email.

Thanks advance for all great contributions on our product! We will listen to your feedback and keep improving!

TouchPal official website:
Follow us on Twitter:

News update:
The first round of TouchPal Wave beta invitation up to close. Thanks for your participating and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

However the second round of beta testing is coming soon. Please follow post closely to receive latest news.
:good:TouchPal Wave beta updates:
  • Add user dictionary management
  • Add quick user feedback option in message panel
  • Add # in the first page of symbol
  • Fix bugs
Notes: Wave beta will automatically checks for updates, please click the TouchPal icon and go into the message panel upgrade to latest version. Or please go into the ”Update“ in settings for manually updating.
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Jul 14, 2011
TouchPal Keyboard Beta Program — —Foreword

TouchPal Beta Program will create the unique opportunity for everyone who wants to take part in the creation of TouchPal, the world renowned keyboard used by millions of people.
What is the ultimate goal of building TouchPal Beta program for?
  • strive to fulfill the mission by listening carefully to our users' needs and wants.
  • aim to improve the quality of the version or optimize the new features by keep releasing updates to users.

What do we offer to TouchPal Beta program participants?
  • the exclusive opportunity to test new products or features before they are officially released.
  • the opportunity to provide your suggestions, ideas and opinions about our products or features, and influence further improvement plan until the final release.
  • the chance to obtain credits in the forthcoming TouchPal Store.
  • the chance to win the permanent qualification and join the Early Adopters Program.
  • the opportunity to contribute your knowledge may get some e-gifts card from TouchPal.
Eager to know what the upcoming features are?
How to get the early qualification for first beta program?
Tips: The top ten participants who firstly predict one of the upcoming features will get the qualification without application.

Come join the guessing campaign and let us expecting the first round of beta program!

TouchPal official website:
Follow us on Twitter:
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Sep 29, 2010
I would like to see:
  1. Better improved prediction of the next word.
  2. Type as you speak
  3. Multi-finger swipe support
  4. Custom prediction indexes (Medical, IT, Business, Financial, etc.)
  5. Keep the app free
  6. Learn prediction used by other keyboards installed by using there APIs.
  7. Index of words or used words to be able to manually add to or delete from
  8. A stats page of how well the keyboard performs for you (similar to swiftkeys stats page)

Dj Telo

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Jun 3, 2010
I want to be a beta tester because TouchPal seems to be the company that most cares about its customers. Nuance and Swiftkey provide an awful customer service and rarely care about our feedback. Besides, I was a tester for the current version of your keyboard.

I think that the best feature to add would be an easy edition of the user dictionary. Deleting and adding words in batch, for instance. Every user could make lists in txt files with technical words of the field he works in and share it with the others.

The first of all the keyboards that implement this will really make the most high demanding users to stick to it.

Really looking forward to seeing the evolution of this software.

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Jul 27, 2010
Some new features I would like to use:

"Complete keyboard customization" --> Possibility to make our own keyboard pattern and share it ;)
"Typography rules modification" --> There is already some auto behavior about typography marks, like "!" following the previous word without space (english rule) but for exemple in french we need a space (non break space to be precise) between words and marks.
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Aug 31, 2010
I'd love to be part of the beta again. Have used touchpal since the old Windows days. I reckon a mini keyboard that can be moved to either the left or right of the screen so you can curve easily on tablets. And touchpal wave.


Aug 8, 2012
thanks, but no thanks

touchpal screwed up by botching their wave 'upgrade' by doing nothing regarding languages once supported other than the empty 'coming soon' assurances (how long has i been and still nothing?). still useful if you use the old version, but pretty pathetic to have that as the standing solution.

sorry, but based on recent performance i'd rather not take the chance.


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Dec 10, 2012
To add to my previous post, I have beta tested both Swype (since the beginning), SwiftKey X, and SwiftKey Flow. Would love to beta test for you guys as well.

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Sep 19, 2010
Posted on Facebook and Twitter on the possibility to add a tap timeout feature like in Multiling, Smartkeyboard and Ultrakeyboard. I would drastically speed up typing words that are not in the default dictionary and you are using the half qwerty or the 12 key layout. Anyway, I doubt that it will be included but there is the ever trusty MessagEase. :)