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Nexus 4 Bumpers Confirmed [Back in Stock US 12/11/12]

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Oct 7, 2007
anyone else starting to think that google is dropping the official bumper? it doesnt make sense that it's still sold out for this long. Even the Nexus 4 was offered again a few times since release but not the bumper...i cant believe that they can make the Nexus 4 faster than a bumper and now that we are starting to see them in china makes me think these are stock that was suppost to go to the play store but was cancelled by google.

This reminds me of the rugged case for the Atrix, it was dropped by Moto and then offered by many chinese sites.


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Aug 24, 2007
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Sep 15, 2006

Unless they're also discontinuing the N4 in black, why would that mean they couldn't sell black bumpers? Either it's the N5, or Google realized their Play Store was utter crap at selling physical product and they've rage-quit in response.

Also, do all N4 Play Store orders ship from the US, even if purchased in the Camada Play Store? That's apparently where the bumper's from.

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    here are some pics of my phone with the bumper, i am also using skinomi full body screen protector for just the front and back.
    Moral of the story...be at the right place right time make some easy Christmas $$$ to replace my stolen MBP, I'm not forcing anybody to buy anything. It's like anything else, if people really need it/want it, they will have to have it at any cost. I just happen to have a few of what they need, as well as a few N4 16GB ;P

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    .... I'm glad your macbook got stolen. I hope other things get stolen from you, and perhaps a tree falls on your car and karma finds many other ways to get back at you for being a selfish dbag.


    on a related note, my bumper is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, surprised at the fast turnaround time

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    Is there any way you could post some photos of the tpu case next to the bumper to compare the width of them? Thanks

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    The bottom parts arent really bent, just macro mode lol..
    Look at the purple ring like bumper case in the pictures:


    I like the way its snug fit with the phone.

    It was taken with an iPhone 5... purple haze! ZING! :p

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