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What is your order status with the Nexus 4?

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    How to enable LTE on Nexus 4 [Exclusive to CANADA!] :D

    Please Post a reply with the following info:
    - 8GB or 16GB Nexus 4
    - Order Time (or shipping notification time)
    - PlayStore Status
    - Wallet Status
    - LIMBO Level (L1 - no email what-so-ever, L2 - order cofirmation but no backorder or shipping email, L3 - backorder email)
    - any other updates from Google

    My Fellow Canadians,

    I didn't see any threads for Canada. Please post any info or details that will help other Canadian users of Nexus 4. I will edit this post with some useful info later on when I get a chance.

    Order Information:

    8GB Nexus 4 (Price: $309 + $16.99 + 13%Tax = $366.16)
    16GB Nexus 4 (Price: $359 + $16.99 + 13%Tax = $422.66)
    Official Bumper Case ($19.99)

    Shipping Information:

    Shipping varies for everyone, some had their devices shipped while other are stuck in Limbo. There is no indication of any sort of pattern here.

    To contact Google Play device support, call 855-836-3987

    Nexus 4 Specs,Reviews,Videos Thanks to Prawesome

    Nexus 4: Technical Specification Breakdown Thanks to l0st.prophet

    Nexus 4 Android Development:

    How to enable "Developer Settings":
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Select About Phone
    3. Tap Build Number 7 times (it will guide you once you start tapping)

    How to Unlock the Bootloader (This will erase all data on your phone, so do this before anything else)
    NEXUS 4 TOOLKIT Thanks to mskip

    How to Root the Nexus 4
    1. Install the drivers for your computer
    2. Download to your phone
    3. Enable USB Debugging in Developer Settings on your phone
    4. Unlock the bootloader using NEXUS 4 TOOLKIT
    note: You can also try the root option in Nexus 4 Toolkit (It never worked for me so I had to do it this way)
    5. Install Custom Recovery using NEXUS 4 TOOLKIT
    6. Boot into Recovery (Volume Up and Down + Power Key > Select Recovery)
    7. In Custom Recovery: select Flash Zip from SDCard > /o >
    8. Reboot the phone
    9. You are now Rooted

    Unlock Jelly Bean Daydream
    1. Go to Settings > About device
    2. Tap repeatedly on the Android version number (4.2)
    3. Check Daydreams, a new Jelly bean daydream will be unlocked! :)

    Android 4.2 Factory Image for Nexus 4 "occam":

    For those who are waiting to order Nexus 4, Hitler shares the same feeling.. lol

    Mine arrived yesterday, has a little backlight bleed at the top but no big deal. Not ****ty AMOLED = happy nawoa.

    Colors do look a little washed out, I admit. This is not from being unused to LCD but rather that the colors are, in fact, slightly less vivid than other LCD displays I've used. It's not a big deal though, it still looks really great. If anyone here is familiar with Photoshop, I would say the difference is similar to a 5% contrast reduction with a 5% brightness increase. Not an issue.

    My device has no dead pixels, good ("normal, no issues") touchscreen sensitivity, and the speaker buzz you may have heard about is just a lot of hot air from people looking for a defect to pick on. It's miniscule. You would need to be in a completely silent room and pay close attention to hear it. It's not audible except right up close to your ear, and I have extremely good hearing. I can clearly tell if a CRT television is turned on while in another room for example. I also work with audio mixing as a hobby. Unless I have a uniquely good device or there's been a hardware revision, it's a complete, 100% non-issue. The wall charger makes noticeable electronic noises though.

    If you want an issue to pick on, go for the glass back and (possibly fixable) lack of USB Host support. The choice of a glass back was a singularly idiotic move. We all made fun of iPhone people for using a device which so clearly compromises practicality in the name of looking pretty, we laughed at their scratched and shattered backs, and now here we are: after Apple realized their mistake, Google has made the same one. I'd like to blame LG but at the end of the day this is a Google product and the back is made out of freaking GLASS. Stupidity.

    To make matters worse, despite what I read in reviews, the plastic protecting the sides does NOT extend past the glass whatsoever on the back or front. If anything, the glass is what protrudes to "protect" the plastic! I wonder if perhaps Google opted to replace the prototype/review model glass with a thicker version in light of the apparent ease with which even Josh at The Verge broke his, but were unable to deepen the plastic prior to release. In any case, the result is that sitting the phone on its back means it's laying directly on glass, and likewise for the front. All previous Nexus models had the plastic border extend slightly above the glass, but no longer. As a result, a bumper case is all but a necessity in my opinion.

    I ordered a bumper case along with my N4, and while it provides excellent protection and has truly outstanding construction quality and design, it's also a bit troublesome. First, it's basically an admission of guilt on Google's part: "We designed this device that puts form above function, so here's a $20 mandatory accessory to go with it. You're welcome.". Second, the case greatly detracts from the device's usability and design:

    - The screen that smoothly curves away at the edges to feel more sleek now has a rubber border around the sides
    - It makes the very edges of the screen somewhat difficult to touch
    - While the phone's sides have a nice grippy feeling similar to the back of the Nexus 7, which sits comfortably in your hand and is easy to pick up, the bumper is very smooth and a bit slippery; I feel that it's less secure in my hand and would be more easily dropped
    - I have huge hands, and while I can comfortably us the Nexus 4 one-handed, once the bumper's attached it's JUST outside my range of comfort

    Regarding USB Host, I'm hoping some talented developers will find a way to fix the issue if Google doesn't do so. It's confusing that it says right in the manual that USB Host is included and yet it doesn't function. On one hand there's a revision in AOSP removing USB Host support because the Nexus 4 supposedly can't supply enough power, on the other hand there's Chainfire saying that he's spoken with Googlers who say it's a software issue that will be corrected. Two models of the HTC One X also lacked USB Host support supposedly due to a similar issue, and developers were able to overcome the limitation. I certainly hope the problem is addressed somehow, since for me it's an important feature.

    Speed's great, obviously - though I'm disappointed to say that MX Player set to all-software mode on my Nexus 4 is noticeably slower than on my Nexus 7 in all-software mode when using the Trinity kernel that allows all cores to simultaneously run at 1.5 GHz. I'd have thought that the optimized Snapdragon cores in equal number and speed to the vanilla ARM cores in the N7's Tegra 3 would be significantly faster, if anything. However, to be clear, I'm playing very demanding video that I can safely assume only a small percentage of you might be interested in: 10-bit 720p anime fansubs. As for any "regular" content, such as 1080p high-profile h.264 or xvid, it plays flawlessly and have full hardware decoding support. So in summary, virtually any video you can throw at it will play fine.

    My conclusion is that the N4 is the best Android device I've ever used, but that it would be twice as good if had a back made of a sensible material and the front protected in a way similar to all previous Nexus devices - with the side plastic protruding slightly to protect the front glass. Then add a 32 GB version and working USB host support and this would be a phone in a class of its own.

    I typed this whole post on my Nexus 4, so for anyone wondering about the touchscreen sensitivity, put your mind at ease. It's very accurate and sensitive. I made very few typos while writing this post and only 3 weren't automatically (and correctly) fixed by the spellchecker.

    Edit: I've said it before and I'll say it again, making Chrome the default browser was a misstep on par with Apple Maps. The only thing making me want to modify this device's software from stock in any way is that I want to add the AOSP browser. I expect that by sometime next year Chrome for Android might finally reach parity with the AOSP browser, but until then it should remain labeled as beta software and not installed by default.

    Huge informative post full of original content. Did not beg for thanks or donations, and no obnoxious page-long signature. No ending line about what I posted with, no list of every device I've ever seen, touched, or owned. It's called "not being an asshole".
    Ordered at 9:32AM MST. The order has two Nexus 4's: one for my girlfriend and one for myself. The status is still "Shipping estimate: November 15, 2012" and have received no e-mails regarding the order.

    What makes matters even worse is that my girlfriend recently lost her HTC Desire and needs a new phone. She relies heavily on her Google Calendar for work and YouTube for cat videos.

    At this point it would just be easier to get a new girlfriend.
    only 1 nexus per account?? fuc.k off google,fuc.k off LG

    Thank God Google did the right thing and smacked the scum bag scalpers right where it counts !!
    Me trying to buy a Nexus 4