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I need to replace the phone's screen assembly. That price at the service center is hiked to 7.5k compares to the original 4.5k. Can someone tell me where to buy one.

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Get it from aliexpress...only 2.5k...just select one-piece, top rated in search criteria..

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    Hi Fellow Indians,

    Welcome to the Indian Discussion Thread for Nexus 4.


    Nexus 4: Technical Specification Breakdown
    Thanks l0st.prophet

    Pricing & Purchase

    For importing it..

    I suggest you to head over to

    for a detailed info about importing and the steps with a short and sweet review for dessert. :)

    Thanks, saptak1990


    All of those who have ordered from play store, please fill in this Nexus 4 Indian Users' Play Store order statistics form. This will help us help each other and get an overview of ordering and shipping statistics.​


    My N4 - Timeline

    Well well well..guess who just knocked at my door today? :D
    I'm seeing a lot of Jan 29 early birds like me getting their Nexi (oh, was that not the plural? ;)) today. I could've got it a lot earlier if it wasn't for the snail-paced Bangalore customs who made my phone sit in their office for one whole week. :mad:

    Well, BLR customs may be dead slow but as someone already pointed out, they won't charge ridiculous customs duty I guess. You will come to know why at the end of this post.

    Timeline of My N4

    Stage 1: Google Play

    Order Date/Time: Jan 29, 2013 9:27 AM PST
    Items: 1 x Nexus 16GB, 1 x Official Bumper (same order)
    Shipped to: HSG
    Shipped Date: Jan 29, 2013 2:41 PM PST (same day!)
    Payment Mode: US Credit Card

    Order Progress:

    Mails Received: (in order)
    1. Your Google Play Order Receipt from Jan 29, 2013 (did not go to Pre-Order, shows shipping estimate 1 - 2 weeks)
    2. Google Inc. $382.98 - Your order is on hold: Please update your credit card (Reason: High value transaction blocked by bank's fraud protection. Friend got verification call and block was released, tried payment again with same card and went through this time)
    3. Payment update confirmation - Google Order #XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    4. Google Inc. $382.98 - Your order is in progress
    5. Your Google Play Order from Jan 29, 2013 Has Shipped

    Cost breakup:
    • Nexus 4 16GB - $349
    • Nexus 4 Official Bumper - $19.99
    • Shipping to Portland, Oregon - $13.99
    • State Tax: $0
    Total = $382.98 (No forex involved and saved a bit here, hence paid only ₹20300 to friend :good:)

    Stage 2: HopShopGo

    HSG received Date/Time: Jan 31, 2013 9:27 AM PST
    Tracking Info:

    HSG updated package in account at: Jan 31, 2013 6:45 PM PST (approx.)
    Nexus + Bumper Actual Weight: 0.5kg
    Nexus + Bumper Volumetric Weight: 0.87kg
    Chargeable Weight: 1kg
    Shipping Mode: Express (DHL)
    Declared Value in HSG: $368.99 (no taxes or Google Play shipping charges)

    Cost breakup:
    • International Shipping: $25.92
    • Fuel Surchage: $2.88
    • Mandatory Insurance: $2.59
    Total = $31.39 (Paid with Citibank CC via PayPal ₹1741 including forex charges)

    Stage 3: DHL

    DHL Shipping Started: Feb 1, 2013 11:11 AM PST
    DHL Shipment Reached BLR & Paperwork Submitted: Feb 4, 2013 6:20 AM IST

    Stage 4: Bangalore Customs

    This part of my life is called as "deadly wait" :( :fingers-crossed:
    DHL assisted me in all possible ways so there is nothing to be blamed on them here.

    Tracking Info:

    Finally got physical inspection clearance yesterday night only. Phew! :rolleyes:

    One shipment box = Nexus + Bumper = Total customs duty = ₹1051/- :highfive:
    The logic/rule of 16% accessory rate on whole shipment did not apply for me. My shipment box and phone box were open and inspected.
    So people who are in Bangalore and worried about ordering both phone and accessory in same Google Play order - sit back and relax! :cool:

    Customs breakup:
    • Basic customs duty: 260.00
    • Counter vailing duty: 263.00
    • Storage charge: 120.00
    • Handling fee: 350.00
    • Service tax 12%: 56.40
    • Education Cess 2.00%: 1.13
    • Higher Education Cess 1.00%: 0.56
    Total: 1051.09 (paid to delivery guy)

    Stage 5: Delivery

    DHL processed for delivery early morning today.
    DHL delivered today at 3:15 PM Feb 9, 2013
    Box status: Opened for inspection
    Documents received: DHL customs invoice, Google Play packaging/delivery slip (not invoice)

    Total cost incurred for Nexus & Official Bumper: 20300 + 1741 + 1051 = 23092 INR :good:

    If you see the first few pages, you will know how hard it was for me to keep this thread open that was even closed by the moderator the first day i opened it.
    I thank all the posters for keeping this thread alive..
    I would also like to thank IllUMINATUz for this wonderful thread.
    Let us all continue the good work of sharing and helping others and increase our N4 user/fan base. :)

    Hope the info shared here is useful for other buddies and don't forget to hit
    if it helped. :)
    Any clarification or info needed guys, ask here or PM me anytime!
    Happy to help! [P.S.: Yeah, I just went and got a new microsim from nearby Vodafone store too :p]
    Hi guys

    Two days back I posted that my Nexus 4 had fallen and its display was broken. Today I went to local lg service centre . They were very helpful and agreed to change the screen. I was surprised to hear that. They assured me that I was their 4th customer bringing a Nexus fur screen replacement. So I was happy to know that. Also the total cost will be 46oo rs.
    If you're from hyderabad looking for a screen replacement , you can go to

    Bhagya communications
    Maheswari complex
    Masab tank

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    So finally my nexus 4 is here..​
    here are the details

    Service Used :

    Ordered on 28th of November
    Delivered to my friend on December 31st

    Then my friend had to ship it to ppobox so excluding the two day delay for my package to reach ppobox,

    Wednesday, January 09, 2013 14:20 NEW YORK SHIPMENT RECEIVED IN US HUB
    Wednesday, January 09, 2013 20:20 NEW YORK SHIPMENT LEFT US HUB TO INDIA
    Wednesday, January 09, 2013 21:21 NEW YORK SHIPMENT IN TRANSIT TO INDIA
    Thursday, January 10, 2013 23:21 MUMBAI SHIPMENT REACHED INDIA
    Thursday, January 10, 2013 23:33 MUMBAI SHIPMENT UNDER CUSTOM CLEARANCE

    Then Thursday Night got an email that i have to pay for shipping and custom clearance
    I paid it on January 11 around 1pm

    Custom Office works only half day on Saturdays and it is a holiday on Sunday, I guess.

    And then from here the tracking(on ppobox) still shows that shipment is under custom clearance :p
    but on Monday, January 14, 2013 @ 19:51
    i got a mail from ppobox that my package has been dispatched locally, I was also provided the bluedart tracking number.
    From then on, i had to track my package from bluedart website
    Then finally,

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013 16:27 the phone was delivered to me :)
    and the seal was not broken :laugh:

    The Cost breakup :

    The Google Part

    Shipping Status Quantity Item Price
    Estimated Ship:
    4-5 weeks 1 Nexus 4 (16GB) $349.00
    Shipping: $13.99
    Tax: $24.84
    Total: $387.83 = 21,211.86 INR

    PPOBox Part

    Total fees for shipment are below:

    Item Actual Weight Including Volumetric: 600.0

    ICC Shipping, Handling & Taxes: 618

    Duty & Clearance Fees: Rs. 573

    Total Due: Rs. 1,191

    Octroi Part

    had to pay for Octroi aswell since I reside inside Maharashtra

    Octroi: 953INR
    Service Charge: 100INR
    Total Payable: 1053INR

    Grand Total

    Google Part + PPOBox part + Octroi part =
    21,211.86 + 1191 + 1053 =

    23,455.86INR (Inc Octroi) ( 22,402.86 Ex Octroi)

    NOTE:: Since the phone was first shipped to North Carolina(NC) from where the phone was shipped by my friend to PPOBox in New York(NY), the tax was only 24USD in NC as against 32-34USD in New York(NY). However additional shipping cost was approx 10USD so in total (24+10 = 34USD)about the same of what it would have cost if the phone was directly shipped to ppobox

    PPOBox Review:
    I have suggested many users to use PPOBox and would advice them again for the following reasons (as experienced by myself)

    1: It is an ICC Worldwide subsidary - Read on google what it is, they have been in this particular shop and forward service around the world for more than 30 years.
    2: Top Notch custom clearance and packaging and local shipping(Blue Dart) - took exactly two days:48 hours(you should provide them with the bill) and the seal wasn't broken (unlike from other services like HSG etc where the package is delayed, Seal is broken, Phone is switched on many a times etc item marked wrongly as electronics attracting a fine upto 20pc etc via DHL or other- that is because the package aren't shipped under ICC Next Flight service.. so custom official open each and every package and what not). The phone box was inside a thick cardboard box with lots of styrofoam packaging peanuts
    3: You pay them the custom clearance fees and shipping once your package reaches India - This results in accurate(live market) currency conversion rates and no overcharging (unlike other services who charge you beforehand and obviously more than the actual amount.. i paid only 1191INR inc shipping and custom duty )
    4: They have a physical office in Andheri, Mumbai - That always gives a sense of assurance(Unlike other services who simply transfer all shipping work to the respective Courier offices and if, god forbid anything untowardly happens, you are left at the mercy of the courier company)
    5: They have an Indian customer Care landline phone number (022-4064 1090) - Do I even have to explain why that is beneficial? :D
    6: Excellent Customer Support: It is truly excellent! and i mean TRULY EXCELLENT(sorry for shouting :p). I could always reach the online support (online website chat and email correspondence - Divyank) during the usual 8 hour office timings 9am-5pm (some times even till 9pm). All my online chat queries were answered within minutes and my emails answered satisfactorily within 12 hours.

    I would again strongly suggest and advice everyone to use It is cheapest,safest,best and the most experienced service for USA-INDIA and UK-INDIA(back and forth)

    phew,, hope this writeup is detailed enough :angel::)
    now it is time for me to get back to my Nexus 4 :D
    and by the way, here is my nexus 4

    Here is a comparison of the total cost for a Nexus 4 16 GB through different forwarding services.

    PPO Box

    Nexus 4 16 GB - 395.21 USD ~ Rs 22600 (Incl NY Tax) (Read few posts saying some people were charged only 377.5 USD incl NY tax, in that case ~ Rs 21600 )
    Shipping for 2lbs - Rs 1000 (Insurance extra but can be insured only upto 200 USD)
    Duty - Rs 600

    Total : Rs 24200 / Rs 23200

    comGateway / HopShopGo

    Nexus 4 16 GB - 362.99 USD ~ Rs 20750
    Shipping 1kg - 30 USD incl insurance, fuel surcharge etc ~ Rs 1700 (First kg free offer valid till Dec 31st - HopShopGo, if you can avail that offer even better!)
    Customs - Rs 1000 incl DHL handling fee

    Total : Rs 23450


    Nexus 4 16 GB - 387.64 USD ~ Rs 22150 (Incl OH Tax)
    Shipping plus customs - 56.77 USD ~ Rs 3240 (Customs is prepaid and you need to pay the complete amount to Borderlinx along with the shipping cost and includes insurance)

    Total : Rs 25390