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May 29, 2012
hi to all,

i'm thinking that my n4's headphone jack connector is broken, i've tried several headphones (nokia e5, iphone 5, galaxy y, xperia p). none of them worked. how can i fix this? thanks


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Aug 25, 2013
purity rom f2fs

i just installed the latest purity rom as f2fs in my nexus 4 and just to let you know that the wifi works.

omni rom and slimkat instaled as f2fs wont have working wifi.



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Aug 25, 2013
latest antutu beta benchmark

i just tried the latest antutu benchmark beta1 and look at what benchmark numbers i got.

i'm currently using the latest omnirom nightly build and the latest AK kernel.

previously, i never got benchmarks as high as these. might it something wrong with the antutu beta1?

but doing some tweaking using synapse (to extend battery life a bit), the numbers drop to around 26k.


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Oct 28, 2014
Anybody here knows where I can still buy screen protectors (preferably Spigen) and cases for our Nexus 4? I went to Digital Walker (Davao) but they ran out of stocks for Spigen screen protectors.

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    Prove you are female, take a picture of a shoe on your head, holding a piece of paper with todays date and your user name..

    Just a thought...

    Being a girl, I found this to be a bit offensive. True there are scammers out there but I think it would have been more appropriate of you asked her (assuming this person 's a girl) to just send you a pm. I'm relatively new in the forums world so maybe I'm just being a bit sensitive but that's my opinion.

    I'm not disregarding the fact that there are scammers, trolls or whatever terms are being used, but being a female in a male dominated thread, I just would like to voice out my opinion.

    Now let's go backroom regular programming...

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    May i remind everyone that selling your device on XDA and not using Swappa is against XDA rules, for all device selling and buying please use Swappa
    New pinoy user here, noob question
    What tool can root/unlock bootloader of my lg nexus 4, jb 4.3, JWR66Y?

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    If you're gonna use a Nexus, learn ay least the proper way of playing with it. Toolkits do more harm than good. Use this method:

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    HI GUYS!!!

    Anyone know where we can buy a case or bumper for the Nexus 4? I have been searching and I can't find one. Thanks! Also any recommended screen protectors?

    You can search on tipidcp, there's a seller called Cyberlynx selling Nillkin cases, TPU cases, and screen protectors. Their store is located in St. Francis Square.


    My Poetic Borderline (from Amazon, arrived today):


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    Here you go.
    Sorry for the picture quality. I had to turn off the flash.
    The case comes with a front screen protector which I've not yet installed.

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