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Jul 3, 2010

Abhi Mady

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Mar 9, 2015
Jio is not working on nexus 5. I tried. Signal shows but cant call even with jio join and no data. It says exhausted. Tried creating apn and all bt still same


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Jul 28, 2010
I live in India. By mistake I flashed US specific image. Every thing works OK except radio bands. Can I just flash the India specific radio or do I have to flash the whole image again.

Either way can some one help me with the image name(6.0.1) for India.



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Dec 23, 2013
OnePlus 7
Jio is not working on nexus 5. I tried. Signal shows but cant call even with jio join and no data. It says exhausted. Tried creating apn and all bt still same

Working fine for me, you need to contact JioCare to sort the Data exhausted issue, had same error after Tele Verification for about one hour

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I live in India. By mistake I flashed US specific image. Every thing works OK except radio bands. Can I just flash the India specific radio or do I have to flash the whole image again.

Either way can some one help me with the image name(6.0.1) for India.


There is no such thing as US or India specific image for 6.0.1 builds
google just once released a specific build on KK 4.4.4 for India, Aus and NZ

what issue do you have with radio band?
did you import your phone from USA?


Sep 22, 2011
Hey guys, trying to flash factory image for my Nexus 5 back from a custom rom. Is this is latest one - 6.0.1 (MOB31E) ? Can i flash this?


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Mar 10, 2013
Jio is not working on nexus 5. I tried. Signal shows but cant call even with jio join and no data. It says exhausted. Tried creating apn and all bt still same
Just call any number. It will tell you to tele verify before doing anything. You need to type in the serial number of the document you had given as identity proof. In my case it w my aadhar number. Once this is done, you will get a sms in 10 mins saying that it's activated.

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Jul 26, 2014
System UI draining too much battery

My Phone's system UI is draining 35% of the battery, even higher than the screen(11%). I'm on 6.0.1 with blu_spark91 and xposed. Does anyone know what's wrong?


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Can anyone share battery stats with respect to using Jio sim? I am getting 02:00 hrs SOT :(
Mention ROM and Kernel too.

I don't use Jio. But I use Airtel 4G. But considering Jio users have to keep the data ON continuously it is as much it can get. The max I reached on LTE is 2 hrs 15 mins.

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    Hello Guys,

    Welcome to this official Indian Nexus 5 discussion thread.. :)

    Google Play India => Click Here

    Price :
    32GB - Rs. 32990/-
    16GB - Rs. 28990/-

    Colors Available : Black & White.

    Wireless Charger Now Available => Play Store

    Warranty :

    it's only available to devices purchased in India through play store or flipkart for now. it will surly go retail in local shops soon like nexus 4 did.
    There is no international warranty. If you import the device from us play store or other country you will not get warranty in India.

    Requesting all to keep this thread clean with only N5 related stuff & news. No OT discussion please. :) .​


    Technical Specs

    Android OS, v4.4 (KitKat)
    True HD IPS Plus
    1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.0 inches (~445 ppi pixel density)
    16/32 GB storage, 2 GB RAM
    8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels - 1080p@30fps
    Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 - Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400
    Adreno 330
    Non-removable Li-Po 2300 mAh battery​

    LG Nexus 5 review
    Got mine

    So, Finally got my Nexus 5 32Gb Black yesterday (i ordered it through german google play as i am currenly travelling in germany for office work).

    I started the phone and during setup it asked to download 134Mb data download before continuing. this is reported on internet by lots of people as LG made these certain initial quantity phones before google prepared final Kitkat version. So these phones come with pre final kitkat builds. I download data with wifi and it rebooted. Setup went well.
    I haven't rooted or unlocked the bootloader yet as i want to first check the phone for all the problems that people are reporting in their Nexus 5.
    1. Exchange Email syncing is working perfect even when screen if off.
    2. Downloaded the dead pixel detector from play store and did the test. Everything is perfect.
    3. No light Bleeding from screen edges.
    4. Volume rocker buttons are good. no loose fitting. Just that the edges are sharp.
    5. Power button is bit loose and makes rattling noise when i shake the phone gently.
    6. Played a video from youtube. Volume is not so loud but smooth. No problem with speaker.
    7. Wifi is bit of a problem i guess. My Iphone 5 wifi shows full bars while at the same distance Nexus 5 shows 3/4 bars. I am standing just 8 feets away from my Apple airport express turning my back to router.

    First Impression:


    Screen is dull at full brightness compared to my S3 and Iphone 5 (this might be deal breaker for some).
    Back panel is smooth and feels rubbery. Very Good hold in hand. No slippery feeling.
    Speaker sound is good but not as loud and clear as Iphone 5. Better than S3 in terms of smoothness but again loudness is not so much. it is not a deal breaker as it is enough for normal usage (Loudness might not be sufficient for some people while watching movie).
    Camera is good enough for Normal use but again sharpness and color correction is not like Iphone 5. It's comparable with my S3.
    Overall build quality is superb.


    Kitkat seems to be quite fluid and refined. No Dialer lag felt (Famous in Galaxy Phones).
    Hangout integration with sms needs some time to get used to.
    Dialer is new and integrates search functionality in a good way.
    Icons look quite BIG. I might consider changing arrangements once tweaks available.

    will update as i play more this new Toy.

    Overall, in this price, fantastic phone to have considering Chart topping results of processor and first access to software updates.

    Total Cost: 399€ phone + 8€ shipping.
    [PICS] Ringke fusion vs Ringke slim cases

    Ringke cases reviewed

    REARTH ringke fusion bumper case



    PROS :

    • Good quality
    • Comfortable fit
    • can use with gadgetshieldz body protection
    • Gives maximum protection
    • No power button rattle

    CONS :
    • A bit bulky
    • looks are not very appealing
    • Dusts are visible in the back side

    REARTH ringke slim case :





    PROS :
    • very slim and light
    • cheap compared to the ringke fusion
    • soft back gives the premium look
    • super sexy :)

    CONS :
    • very tight fit (will experience difficulty while putting it)
    • can't be used with gadgetshieldz body protection
    • Power button rattle is still there
    • Finger print magnet

    Hit :good: if it was helpful :)

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    Xiaomi Mi 3 First Impressions / Short Review

    I received my Xiaomi Mi3 today morning at 8am (Yeah!! 8!! These bluedart people have gone nuts). I was fast asleep and when my dogs started barking loudly I knew someone had come. Anyways, at least I got it quickly. I've used the device for 4-5 hours and here's my first impression:

    1. Packaging and Contents:
    It was neatly packed by flipkart and the cardboard(Sorta) box from Xiaomi is super awesome. It's really attractive. Su 10/10 for packaging for both flipkart and Xiaomi from my side. The box contains the phone itself (lol), a 2A charger, decent sized microusb/usb cable and the usual warranty papers and userguide. Yeah, no headphones on this one! Will have to wait for the Xiaomi Pistons which will probably be available on flipkart itself.

    2. Design:
    It is slightly bigger than the Nexus 5 because of the hardware navigation buttons buttons so forget one hand usage. You will need to juggle with it to reach the top and bottom of the scree quickly. The volume rocker and the power buttons are placed on the right side just like the Nexus 5, so turning on/off the device is convenient.
    The speakers are located at the bottom (again like the Nexus 5) so you can put the device down and listen to music conveniently. The sim tray was pretty hard to open (at least for me). I had to literally force the pin down to get it opened. It could be that I might have angled the pin incorrectly. The bezels of the phone are rounded so holding the device can be somewhat tricky to get used to. It's not as tactile as the Nexus 5.
    The build quality is superb but I really didn't like the finish of the back plate. It feels kinda cheap (at least to me). But it's a Rs. 13999 device, so can't complain much about it.

    3. Pros:
    a. Well, first thing you notice is the price. It's unbeatable, and easily puts the Nexus 5 to shame if we compare the specs "one paper". (mind it)
    b. It's a 1080p IPS Retina Display but it seems somewhat washed out on some colors when compared to my calibrated Nexus 5's display. You can even adjust the contrast and color saturation of the screen via display settings, So I must say, Xiaomi's MIUI team has done a pretty good job. No need to use custom kernels. However, there aren't much options to choose from (Only 3).
    c. The speakers are pretty loud to begin with as compared to "stock" nexus 5's speakers and if I were to install Viper4Android on the Mi3, it would certainly bully the Nexus 5's speakers.
    d. Coming to the camera, it's a 13 mp BSI Camera with dual LED flash. However, it doesn't have OIS which is a huge let down. If your hands aren't still while clicking, it's kind of a nightmare. That being said, if you use it smartly, it takes excellent pictures but it doesn't match the HDR+ mode on our Nexus 5. Low light imaging is also kinda crap if you don't focus properly. Video recording is surprisingly solid and outperforms the nexus 5 IMO in various categories. There is also a 2mp front facing camera which outperforms out Nexus 5's 1.3mp camera. It's quite clear in daylight.
    e. The processor used is a SnapDragon 800 which is identical to the Nexus 5 and so is the RAM. However, since it's a custom ui, it takes up about 1.3GB of ram all the time. That being said, I haven't faced any lag or stutters even once!
    f. The battery on this thing is humongous! It's a 3050 mAh Li-On battery which IMO will last you an entire day easily even if you do some casual gaming every now and then.
    g. The software used (MIUI) is simply awesome. It has numerous features (after all it's a custom rom) and it's my favorite android skin after "pure" vanilla android.
    h. The LED notification light is situated on the top portion of the phone next to the sensor which is very conveniently located as compared to nexus 5's bottom one.
    i. I only installed a couple of games like Leo's forture and Subway surfer and it ran smoothly without a hint of any lag.

    4. Cons:
    I really couldn't think of any cons when I was using the device for 4-5 hours but I'll state some of the inconvenient things which I faced.

    a. The round bezels of the phone aren't very tactile as mentioned earlier.
    b. The power button rattles if we press it firmly but you can get over it.
    c. The edges of the phone are kinda sharp and can easily chip if it collides with something.
    d. The display as mentioned earlier is kinda/sorta washed out and the viewing angles are not that great. (Viewing angles part could be a pro or a con depending on the situation)
    e. It has just 16gigs of storage. (12gb user available) and lacks SD card slot.
    f. It doesn't have 4g/LTE connectivity. But we Indians probably don't mind that :silly:
    g. Even though the overall build quality is great, but something's not right when you hold it. You can feel it. I can't explain that.

    5. Conclusion: Xiaomi Mi3 is a high device end with top notch specs on paper and behaves exactly the same in real life usage as well and coupled with Xiaomi's MIUI custom rom, it's a total eye candy. When you look at their pricing strategy you really wonder where Xiaomi has cut corners to push such specs on this device. I guess only time will tell. As of now, I would blindly reccomend it to anyone who is has a low budget, don't care about updates/pure android and want top notch specs.

    These are my first impressions on this device and will keep y'all posted if I find anything else to report back.

    Have a good day! :D

    @shhbz @Sukrith

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    Here are some pics of the same.. Forgot to add it in my previous post.. :silly:
    pix!! package and tax calculation and some phone pix

    battery stats comin up in a day or two! :laugh: