nexus 5 stuck in boot.

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New member
Nov 8, 2012

First problem that I had was a sticky power button. My nexus kept rebooting itself.
So I carefully opened my phone with an anti-static tools and cleaned the power button.

That took care of that problem
but when I had assembled it again, I came across a new one!

It was stuck in boot.

I already tried putting a new factory image on it as I thought the constant reboots somehow corrupted the system.
But I get a constant write error when i try installing it. the connection works.

thanks in advance


Senior Member
May 8, 2011
I would say it is still the power button giving you the bootloop. I still get this every once in awhile and i have to hit the top corner of the phone off a wooden table or something and it dislodges the power button from being stuck.