Nexus 5 stuck in boot

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Nov 14, 2017
Hi guys. I'm new to all of this, so apologies if i sound like an idiot.
A few days ago my nexus 5 shut itself down, and id not turned on since then.
tried many different ways to turn it on, but it was acting weird.
starting it through fastboot mode took it the furthest.
cleared my cache, factory reset it, but its still now loading. opened it up, reconnected everything, wiggles the power button (after many people saying it was their problem) and nothing helped. at the beginning it would show me the google logo, then shut itself down, or keep trying to restart. now it's just staying on the colorful circles for hours. can keep it running the whole night and it still wont load. in or out of charging.
So now i'm trying to put a new system in it through adb, but my computer doesn't read my phone. what can I do?
Did anyone have anything similar? does anyone know what i need to do to connect my pc and nexus 5?
Thanks in advance for any advice!


Nov 10, 2017
If using the flash-all script from Google Nexus (Hammerhead) image doesn't work, your sole recourse is flashing with BoardDiag and Qualcomm USB QDLoader 9008 driver.
When Nexus5 is booting up you need to hold Vol+ and Power for 8-9 sec, until you see it in Device Manager. There is a whole thread on "de-bricking" about it here.
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