Nexus 6 Pre orders on Play store - Now will be Available on Wednesday of every week

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Sep 5, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S21
Mi MIX Fold
I had a blue 64 from moto and T-Mobile first week of January (obviously another catch-up manufacturing wave both arriving a day apart but ordered 2 weeks apart). Both retuned. Moto was easy but a long refund wait. T-Mobile was a royal pain in canceling accounts, waiting for inventory to recognize the return (two independent processes). Those thinking there was no production backlog are smoking something in Colorado. 6 weeks of pain. Happy to be done. While CES was a phone dud, MWC is around the corner for drool worthy new waiting games. Happy to hang on my G3 with GREAT xda ROM support.
Would have been my first nexus but this process was pure nonsense. I'm sure not many people said this is so late I might as well to see the new technologies, and my wife says I swap phones too often, but the 9 became a 0 in my book.
Maybe there wouldn't be a 343 page thread if supply was abundant and acquisition was easy.
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