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Euler MD

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Nov 13, 2011
Last updated 1/15/2015 at 8:21am


I created this thread to keep all shipping questions, comments, cries, and black eye incidents in one place, and one place only.

Feel free to joke around because we all know, this wait will feel like forever.

Personally, I ordered mine during the second batch on 11/5. To be honest, it was a long weeks' worth of stress and while a lot of others are experiencing that same stress, day by day we're getting closer to the Nexus 6.

Edit: This is by far the best phone I've ever owned, period. I promise you guys will love this device. It was definitely worth the wait with you guys and I really appreciate you all making it just fly by. Enjoy your Nexuses!

Points below are confirmed:
  • Play Store - Customer Service does not have any relevant information about your order. Contacting them is nothing short of a complete waste of time.
  • Play Store - Wednesday tentative US order time: 10:00AM PST.

Last Sad Nexus Pre-Order-Standing: Pre-Order Delivery Pool Jack Daniels Contest

Contact Skripka with any further questions. I assume that the contest is over.

The thread format was inspired by the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 official wait room threads and will receive regular updates.
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Jan 21, 2011
Springfield, Missouri
Hello my name is KornKlown69... I'm a nexus addict.... I ordered mine 10/29... i keep checking my bank account and my order page....maybe 10 times an hour since.... I'm here to receive support and comfort in knowing I am not alone hahaha ?
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Jan 19, 2007
I feel unsatisfied with my 32GB Cloud White Nexus 6 order. I really wanted the 64GB white version but wasn't able to get it. Willing to trade my 32GB one + $100 to anyone who is willing to trade me their 64GB white one! PM me if interested.


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Mar 25, 2011
Was able to get an order in today for a 32GB blue. Still holding out for a 64, though, and if I can get one of those, I'll obviously cancel the 32. But not feeling too confident about that, given how quickly the 64s get snatched up, heh...

Anyway, my shipping estimate says 11/21. I can live with a 32, but obviously 64 would be nicer.


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Dec 21, 2007
Dallas, TX
I got my order in today for a 32GB Blue, but really wanted a 64GB Blue.

My shipping date is 11/26 right now. I am hoping it will ship sooner, like the Nexus 5, but the nexus 5 I ordered on release day and it shipped the same day, so.... that is out. I just hope it ships well before the 26th.


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Oct 13, 2007
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Same here. My Player just shipped about 9 days early. If the 6 does the same thing then it'd ship on the 12th which is TMO's general availability day.

I figure my player is going to ship too. I got a notice this morning about my cc on the player having a problem processing. I actually just had that card replaced so I updated the card for the player order.

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    I'm surely not preordering anything from GPS after this fk up.

    i'm in the same boat, but i'd love to know how you (and others on here) think this is a fk up. When you ordered it said on the play store that it would ship by 11/21. they very clearly told you when to expect shipment. because a few ppl have been getting shipment notifications (which may or may not be accurate) doesn't change the fact that the store you ordered it from gave you a window which has not yet arrived yet. if it doesnt ship by the 11/21 promised date THEN lets all sharpen our pitchforks and light our torches. but until then...i think you all need to relax...
    Looks like knight-rider's posts have been removed....
    Thank god that clown was banned
    Heard back from my source, and it sounds like mine should be shipping real soon... :p:p:p

    Okay kids, y'all getting your devices this week need to get root working and encryption sorted out by next week.

    So us 2nd batch people can live off the fruits of your labor and relax ;)
    *Takes off Moderator badge*

    I'm having a hard time understanding where all of this anger is coming from. Google Play promised a "ships from warehouse" date of Nov 21st right? It's been that way since the very first order was made on the 29th? Before even ordering it said "ships in 2-3 weeks." Why do some people feel like Google killed their dog?

    It seems to me, that instead of comprehending the facts, that many are confusing hope with facts. I've read pages about how Google was going to ship early and there was nothing to back that up other than hope and past experiences. So what if Moto is shipping theirs from across the world or people who ordered from them gets theirs a few days earlier than GP customers? Those people were quoted a delivery date of Nov 19. The only thing one is entitled to by purchasing the N6 is receiving the phone. Not getting it well before the quoted date or receiving it before another vendor.

    Yes, it's OK to be excited. I'm waiting for one myself, but as I've said many times already in this section, this is supposed to be a fun time. Don't worry so much about when it will get in your hands, because it will eventually. There is no need to get worked up about it. Spend less time contacting CSR's about info you already know and more time enjoying other things.

    *Puts Moderator badge back on*

    Stay on-topic and be nice to each other. We are all in this together. :)