Nexus 7 as hands free bluetooth device?

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Apr 6, 2008
So i had an idea today and decided to call my carrier (Cricket). They told me it is possible to purchase an extra sim card and they will program the imei# to match my phone. This will enable me to make and receive calls on my tablet as well as my phone using the same number. Also i will have full access to my data.....problem solved with only 15 dollars. I hope this helps somebody.

Did that actually work???? I have a wifi N7 but would be willing to buy a 3g if I could use ot with an existing data plan.


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Aug 6, 2008
Hi to all,

i been looking for this "bluetooth role" for long time. I have read a lot of forum and the entire XDA posts about this..

it seems that this is the definitive question like "what is the answer to life the universe and everything" simple 42 :D
and it seems that is the paradise for all want to make a carputer/droid/tablet/**** car radio replacement... so... i'm one of you :)

this post is for some devs (i'm a dev too) i'm asking for help ....

the problem is: which android version do you want to use?
why this question? simple: from the android 4.2 google has decided to trash the bluetooth bluez stack and reimplement the wheel with bluedroid...

i read the documentation about bluedroid at this site:

and there was written that there are some profiles actualy implemented but not the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile server.
Ok it's not a problem, taking a look to the template of other profile i can implement it.

now the question is HOW DOES IT WORKS?

so i searched and bum this is how:
version 1.5
version 1.6

ok and now? and now i tried to find some similar implementations and...

after another night of search i found this....
HFP For Linux

where there is the downloadable source code.

now I think we have all the necessary to make this possible...

BUT there are some problem that i haven't resolved yet for a lack of knowledge of course.

  1. it seems that the hfp override any other profiles on that example, it's not bad, in a system that i want to use i need only a HFP profile and AD2P togheter all the rest is useless
  2. i think that this at the end is a fork of the standard android project and how I/we can put it into a rom or a patch and who want to add to a rom/kernel? how it can be done? is a patch better ? a new kernel like franco's or better to submit to google?

I hope to have intrigued someone with this post and I hope that somebody can link me to some documentation to understand how to put all the information I have together.

ps. i have tried to reply into this thread:
[Q] Android phone as bluetooth headset?

but of course i have to few posts to make my suggestion there

I am searching internet to get this functionality as well.... want nexus 7 to take and make calls and acts as bluetooth headset.
how about looking at roms of chinese head units with android and they have bluetooth functionality built in them?
the roms are here:

there are several headunits run on android and have bluetooth functionality in them... wish i knew this kind of programming, would have done it for community in a blink..

more headunits and their roms :


Jun 9, 2012
Any news here?
Trying to put a N7 in my car and now messing around with hands free functionality.

My only option for now is to build in an additional parrot handsfree, but i havent found a solution to mute the tablet when i accept a call :/
The only possibility i see is to interrupt the "remote" signal to the amp with a relay thats switched from the parrot "mute" output.

But i would appreciate a "N7 only" solution very much :D


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Sep 23, 2008
Buy the Kinivo BTC-455, that's what I use in my car, it allows you to connect 2 devices at once (my tablet and phone) and I use tablet talk to make calls. Works perfectly


Jan 14, 2006
So let me get this right, the Tablet Talk App allows you to pair a phone to a tablet and answer the call but the call will then need to be taken on the phone instead of tablet? Is this correct? Does the App also allow initiating a new call sent to the mobile? If so then this might work for me. My factory car audio system already has bluetooth telephone. I currently take my calls through there anyway. The system allows me to pair additional audio sources which i plan to use to pair the Nexus 7. Once that's done I just need a way to be able to see whos calling me and press answer on the tablet which will send it to my factory fitted bluetooth.


Dec 30, 2009
Wow. Good Information. I saw the Kenwood 992 Head End, and it is running android. This must be possible. It acts in the appropriate Bluetooth profile, but why spend $1000 for a $79 device. There's gotta be a way.


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Mar 4, 2008
Tablet talk app suddenly stop reacting to answer call button. When I press it on the tablet, phone don't accept call. But the reject call button and the silence button works... Already saw other paid users like me complaining of the same problem. Any of the Dev's have some idea why this is happening?


Senior Member
Feb 22, 2011
im having the same issue as iv mounted my aux in head unit into my glovebox and mounted a lenovo tab 2 into my dash . ill try the tablet talk app tomorrow and post results. ( i use a s6 btw)
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