Nexus 7 won't show up in adb devices, what should I do?

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Oct 16, 2010

I confirm that my usb issue is solved.

After a factory reset, i reinstall the last release Usb ROM and USB comes back to life on my nexus.

The nexus is no more recognized as unkown device by my computer and i can install the adb driver.

During this story, i try also to get acces via wifi but was unable to connect even with adb over wifi enable on the nexus.

That why Timur recommands me to made a full factory reset.

My problem seems to be due to corrupt data that block every connections between the computer and the nexus (adb wifi and usb) based on last 4.2.2 new safety features.

So far i recommand full wipe between two rom install to avoid such trouble.

Thank a lot to timur for his support during the week end.

i am having this issue still and i dont understand what to do. no matter what windows wont take any drivers for the unknown device in device manager. same thing while in fastboot/recovery mode. please help me somebody has to know how to fix this