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Nexus Launcher (Unreleased)

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PhiL P

Nov 15, 2005
London, UK
Installed on my (unrooted) S7 Edge and stuck with 4x4 grid, despite having seen screenshots of other S7 Edges with 5x5. Can't find any rhyme or reason for it, let alone a solution. Driving me nuts..!


Senior Member
Jan 5, 2013
Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester, UK
Umm, is there any difference between flashimg the zip and installing the apks alone?

Hi, nrokos...

Yes, there is a difference.

If you just install the APKs, you WON'T get the Google Now Cards as a slide out panel at the extreme left of the launchers home screens.

If you flash it, you will get the Google Now Cards. Similar to the official Google Now Launcher available on PlayStore.


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Oct 22, 2015
you should be aware that you can test out the Nexus Launcher without having to install it from a custom recovery. Technically, you could download the ZIP file from the link above and then extract the?*APK?*file from it. You could then install this APK file just like any other application you download from outside of the Play Store.

However, doing this will make the app force close when you try to access Google Now, or use the Wallpaper selector. This is because the Google Now feature needs to be installed as a system application and that is what the ZIP file is doing. It’s installing the Nexus Launcher as a system app, as well as setting the proper permissions so that it can be ran as a system app. So if you aren’t worried about testing out those two features then you can install it like any other APK file.

Like any other ZIP file that you install on a modded Android device, you will need to boot into Recovery Mode after you have downloaded the Nexus Launcher. Once you get into the custom recovery ( the guide above details the steps for TWRP), tap on the Install button and then select the Nexus Launcher ZIP file. Swipe the white arrows to the right to begin the installation and then you can reboot the device when it’s finished.

Once you have booted back into Android, you should be asked which launcher you want to use (just like you see in the video above). Simply tap on the Nexus Launcher to select it and then you’ll be greeted with your new home screen. You’ll notice that the application drawer icon that you’re used to is no longer there. Instead, you see a little arrow to tell you to swipe up from the dock to make the app drawer appear.

You can also just tap on the up arrow as well if you would like as well. You may also notice the Google Search bar is gone, and instead it is replaced with a Google tab and a calendar widget. Tapping on the Google tab will open up the Google Search bar so thankfully that hasn’t really gone anywhere. You can also swipe the screen to the right to bring up the Google Now page, just like you can with the Google Now Launcher.

Tapping and holding on an empty spot of the home screen will bring up the options for the Nexus Launcher. You can then tap on the Wallpaper option and you’ll see the new wallpaper selector screen. This has a bunch of different wallpapers to choose from by default, and they’re all categorized too. There’s even a nifty little Daily option that you can tap on from within a category that will let Android change your wallpaper automatically each day.


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2013
Ft. Lauderdale
Cool launcher but I'm disappointed as there's no option to completely remove the Google search icon from the home screen just like on the stock home screen (Nexus 6). I just wish Google will eventually add that option for us Nexus users, it sucks using GNL and xposed gel settings just to hide the Google search bar. And I have no interest in installing nova launcher.
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