NFC on screenoff and lockscreen - HTC EVO 4G LTE

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Dec 24, 2007
I modified the Nfc.apk of different bases and ROMs to offer you the ability to use the NFC chip of your HTC EVO 4G not only while you are active but also while the screen is off and/or while the lockscreen is shown.

You have three options when to use NFC:
  • screen off
  • lock screen
  • unlocked

  1. Rename the Attachment to Nfc.apk
  2. Backup your /system/app/Nfc.apk and Nfc.odex (if existing)
  3. Delete /system/app/Nfc.odex (if existing)
  4. Replace the original in /system/app - to keep permission use adb:
    • adb remount
    • adb push Nfc.apk /system/app
  5. Reboot phone (adb reboot)
  6. Disable NFC
  7. Enable NFC

The compatibility depends on the framework/base. If your ROM has the same specifications like one existing you can use the posted.
If none of the version work (test it!) make an Feature Request


14.02.2013 - updated APKs for CM10.1
25.01.2013 - added APKs for SuperJELLY MS1
24.01.2013 - added APKs for CM10.1
20.01.2013 - added APKs for MeanBean 2.71[/B]
02.10.2012 - "security" APK for Viper4G 2.x
02.09.2012 - new versions
  • modified APKs for CM 10 to Nightly 20120902
  • modified APKs for Flex360's 2.x

27.08.2012 - added APKs for CM 10 Nightlies

17.07.2012 - added APKs for Flex360's 1.72

14.07.2012 - added APKs for MeanROM 1.5 (probably 1.4+)

21.06.2012 - opened
  • thread opened

Please don't forget to thank if it works, if not we will make it work.

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NFC on screenoff and lockscreen - HTC EVO 4G LTE, a Tool/Utility for the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE


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Created 2013-09-28
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Dec 24, 2007
Hey guys,

I noticed some downloads (you are a lot more active than the HOXer ;)).
How about some feedback about your ROMs in use with this mod?


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Dec 5, 2007
Not sure why but its working now! Thanks!

ViperROM 1.2.1

Using TecTile(not sure it matters) to change the volume and turn off wifi and bluetooth. It will scan my tag with the phone off and locked but it doesnt actually adjust any settings. It makes a few extra sounds then normal as well when it scans the tag.
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Jun 12, 2010
Perhaps the OP could tell the XDA community the specific edits to modify Nfc.apk so people can try doing it themselves?
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Dec 24, 2007
That's not as easy as it sounds lol, there's likely no noticeable difference.

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Indeed it is not that easy because some ROMs (like CM) use different methods or added/deleted something, so the linenumbers are different.

But if you are able to understand what you see it is not that difficult:

Take the following file from your ROM:
  • Nfc.apk
  • all framework*.apk
Take the classes.dex out of the Nfc.apk and Baksmali it.
Therin edit the file NfcService$1.smali:

you have the state 0x3 which means you are unlocked (0x2 is in lockscreen and 0x1 screenoff) and have to make the NFCService think it is unlocked though it isn't

Smali it again to the classes.dex and put it (with 7zip) into the Nfc.apk


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Dec 7, 2007
How's the battery life with the screen off mod?

Can someone make a flashable zip? :)

Tried it again and NFC is working great while locked/unlocked or screen off on Charmeleon Rom v5.0.0, TWRP 2.1.8.

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