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Nov 16, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
Nfsfan's rom thread located HERE.

(Besides, if we keep this thread clean, it makes it easier to find information.
And I know you all don't like to search. :p )

**This is a read-only section for the one-stop shopping of information
and tips to help you use your phone to its fullest potential"**

*If you have a problem with something that has an "original thread" link,*
*go there and post your problem there.*
*You'll get a better/faster answer if you do so,*
*plus that's where it belongs.*

do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT post questions on this thread - this thread is for fixes and FIXES ONLY

Cody and myself have repeatedly stated to NOT ask questions about the ROM or problems here - this thread is for fixes and fixes only

do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT post questions on this thread - this thread is for fixes and FIXES ONLY

Any and all questions and problems can and will be addressed is the actual thread for NFSFANs ROM Here

do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT post questions on this thread - this thread is for fixes and FIXES ONLY

The more people keep ignoring the request NOT to ask questions in this thread, the more useless this thread becomes to those looking for a repository of fixes in one place rather than having to dig through the 600+ pages on the ROMs page itself thus turning this thread into something akin to the overcrowded thread there

do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT post questions on this thread - this thread is for fixes and FIXES ONLY

Think you all can see it now to NOT post questions here - only fixes

Please take the time to thank NFSFAN if you have not done so already.

Table Of Contents:

This FAQ will be hopefully changing more often again.

Please feel free to message me with windows mobile 6.5 tweaks/mods that you find,
if you find a better titanium panel, skins, themes,
or anything that is listed in my comming soon/working on thread.

Also, if a walkthrough that is provided and is confusing or non-informative,
or if you would like a walkthrough for something else that's not listed,
please let me know also!!
This could be the best faq for the best 6.5 rom (IMO) with your help. ;)

Thanks goes out to everyone that has contributed to this thread,
if I didn't credit you your progam/skin/theme/walkthrough/etc,
let me know so I can properly credit this!!

Thank you, and enjoy the FAQ!

For a List Of VGA Compatible Items, Click Here
(Look At Bolded Text In That Post.)

*I will be adding a Registry tweak area soon,
with lists of all reg tweaks I can find that work on the vogue, and cabs to install them if possible.
*Also, I'm moddifying all kinds of titanium panels.
*Will add left soft key mod walkthrough tonight.
*Hopefully reorganize the faq and rewrite a few things to make it easier to read/search through each section.

I Am In The Middle Of Reformatting This Faq,
Adding Info To This Faq, etc etc.
Please Bear With Me.

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Nov 16, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
How To Unlock Your Phone
And Flash A Custom Rom
And Relock Your Vogue

(Following was written by: Detroit_Doug)

First go here and
READ the hell outta it until you have it step by step.
(BTW use the 2.31 unlocker regardless about the GPS thing)

OK, now that you've read that (happy dance time)
Download the 2.31 Unlocker and NFSFANs WinMO 6.5 ROM.

And make sure to download one of the DCD Carrier cabs here
and copy it to your SD card as you may need this after the flashing is done.
(will get back to this tasty morsel later)

OK, now you have an Unlocker and a ROM - now what, hmmmm
Use WinRAR and extract both the files into separate folders,
Press and hold the Power button+Camera Button and Stylus in the reset hole
until the 3 color screen comes up and it says serial,
now plug in your cable and it should change to USB.

Can you taste the rainbow and it is over the land of USB??
Great, now go into the Unlocker folder you created
and doubleclick on the RomUpdateUtility.exe
(going to be called RUU.exe from this point on).

Follow the steps on the desktop monitor.
(You might get some errors about sleep4.exe - dont worry about it)
Just keep hitting enter and it will go away after the 4th or so time.
At some point the program is going to tell you to disconnect the phone,
sounds scary doesn't it, losing the connection and all - dont be,
be a brave little soldier and disconnect it and count to 10,
cant do that, get some help in getting there,
its really that important LOL once you (or your friend)
gets to 10 plug it back in, does it say USB again? good!!
happy dance AFTER you hit a key on the keyboard per the on screen directions.

It's going to eventually reboot, let it and it will be unlocked,
let it start up and do its thing, when its done - go ahead and go back into bootloader mode again
(remember power+camera+stylus twister move you did earlier, its back to that again)
with the cable disconnected and it had better say SERIAL again..
now go ahead and plug in the cable and it should change to USB.

Now go into the ROM folder and double click the RUU.exe here ...
and follow the directions that come up on the screen...

Once its done and the phone reboots, wait...
wait some more..
still keep waiting..
no not yet ...
stop touching it..
it wont help pacing..
just be patient...
oh look an Orange screen,
ok here comes some fun.

Follow the drections to go through the setup,
don't worry about it being too accurate and all as it is about to be erased anyway...
let the autorun happen once windows starts and it will reboot on its own again.
- Yes it really IS a smartphone isn't it. LOL -

OK, as it is booting up again when there is a black screen
- press and hold the red button+green button+stylus in reset hole (known as a Hard reset)
until the screen turns gray - follow the directions again
(save you some time "press the Enter key" thats the big silver button in the center of the buttons LOL)
and when the progress bar moves all the way to the right, press the call key (the green one).

Again, it will restart (told you it was smart) and now go ahead and do the setup
and customizations and do them right this time as your hanging onto them this time
(sounds weird but if you dont hard reset after flashing it,
flying monkeys will swoop in and take your phone and your little dog toto too)

OK, now remember that DCD Carrier Cab, you do, fantastic ..
so to the storage card where you copied it to - you didn't forget that step did you???
good I knew my faith in you would pay off, tap on it and run it.
It will install all the Carrier goodies to make your life easy,
and your sex life better and even improve that certain area of a ..
wait sorry wrong channel again....
just go ahead and tap it, run it and reboot.

**Note from Codybear**
I personally go through the RUU.EXE flash process 2-3 times each time I flash a new rom.
I flash it, and then let customizations run,
and then flash again, let customization run again,
then you guessed it, flash again and customizations run once again.
It's a tad bit lengthy, but due to this process,
I usually don't have any problems that most people do with any roms.
Not sure why it makes a difference, but it does.​

As pointed out to me by Aaronpoweruser,
I forgot to mention that before flashing this rom,
upgrade your radio to a 3.xx.xx version!!
(It doesn't need to be the latest and greatest version available)​

Note on Radio Upgrading By Doug:
"An upgrade is not needed - it can help depending on your carrier,
but its based on a carrier by carrier exceptions.
I'm on Sprint with the 3.42.30 radio with no issues whatsoever
where upgrading to 3.42.50 on some carriers can create problems."​

To Get Back To Your Original (Stock) Rom:
It is quite simple.
All you do is go to the website,
click support,
Click dropdown menu to find your device,
in my case it's: HTC Touch™ (Alltel)
Then click download for the rom upgrade.
and then run the ruu.exe just like you did with the custom rom.​

To Flash From MicroSd Card:
(Written By DetroitDoug)
Yes it has to be 2GB or less and formatted FAT32
I always find my original 512MB works perfect for flashing from

as to how to get it to your card...

Extract the ROM you want to use
Find the largest *.NBH file and copy it to your desktop
at the desktop rename it to VOGUIMG.NBH (I believe the caps in naming is important)
Copy that file to the root of your formatted FAT32 2GB or less SD Card
enter bootloader mode and it should go from there.​
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Nov 16, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
All Carrier Specific Items

Download Verizon Carrier Cab
For verizon mms with the current nfsfan rom, go here instead of using the below, I have to update this soon.

Verizon MMS Cab

1. This is assuming you have already done the agps hack
2. Dial *228 and choose option 1
3. Soft reset the phone
4. Open your favorite gps app and you should have a lock within 30 seconds.
(if that does not work make sure
you have location on in the phone settings.
Also make sure that under gps settings you have
the baud rate set to 4800 and the com port set to 4)
If it still does not work check the following reg settings
\EnableAGPS = 1
\EnableSmartMode = 1
\GPSMode = 4 (should also work as 2)
\NumberFixes = 999999999
\QoSAccuracy = 50
\QoSPerformance = 89
\ServerIP =
\ServerPort = 7788
\timeBetweenFixes = 1​

1. Go to connection settings and select "Manage existing connections"
2. edit the only connection there
3. Name it whatever you want ie "vzw"
4. hit next and enter #777 as the number
5. hit next and put "[email protected]"
and "vzw" as the password
6. hit finish
7. install the attached arcsoft cab
8. do a soft reset.
9. open phmregedit in the start menu
10. navigate to HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\ArcsoftMMS UA\Config\mm1\WspHeader\X-VzW-MDN
and put your 10 digit phone number for the value
11. wait a min or two and do a soft reset
12. go into messaging select menu and then mms options
13. select the server tab
14. select verizon wireless and change connect via to "the internet",
the other settings should be correct.
15. wait a few min and perform a soft reset once more
16. now mms should work!!!
Originally Found Here.

Also, if that doesn't get gps to work, try this post at ppcgeeks:
(A fellow nfsfan rom user is using this fix)

Download Alltel Carrier Cab
Alltel MMS Installation Steps:
1.Install this one first!!
3.Install This cab
4. Soft-Reset Again, Then You're Good To Go!​




Download USCC Carrier Cab

Instructions To Enable MMS:
(Written By: Viper Matrix Wireless)
1. Download MMS Cab and Install
2. Go into Messaging & hit Menu
3. Select MMS Options
4. Select Servers
5. Change Gateway to
6. Change Verizon Wireless to USCC
7. Make sure My ISP is selected for Connect Via
8. Go into Phone & Dial *228 & then your finished.​

USCC MMS Problem Fixed:
Written by: Viper Matrix Wireless

"Looks like it works now.

If you plan on using MMS/Video Messaging DO NOT install the DCD USCC Cab (IT IS NOT NEEDED.)


1. Goto the FAQ Download the MMS Cab.
2. Install it on the device & immediately goto PHM REGEDIT (Located in System Tools)
3. Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> ArcSoft -> ArcSoft MMS UA -> mm1 -> MMSCSetting -> WspHeader & edit the X-VzW-MDN change the value to your 11 digit #. Hit ok & yes to save the setting & exit out of the program.
4. Go into Messaging select menu & MMS Options. Replace the Server with whats in the FAQ & change size limit from 399 to 300k.
5. Restart & you should be set."


Download Sprint Carrier Cab
Download Sprint MMS Cab
If for some reason you cannot get Internet Sharing
or GPS working by the Carrier cab,
try this cab.
**Here's a Post At PPCGeeks With A Bunch Of The Sprint Cabs In A Zip File**




Metro PCS:

If I am missing any carriers,
please do let me know the name(s)!!
And If you have any MMS/Carrier cabs I do not have listed,
or links to MMS/Carrier cabs,
please let me know also!

**I've been told I'm missing Hutch carrier.
If anyone knows where I can find this please do let me know,
I tried searching but every link I found is dead. :/ **
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Nov 16, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
Titanium Only Tweaks:
(More Items Coming Soon,
For Now Visit These two links.
1 and 2)

Titanium Panel Installers:

Opera panel:
Original Thread
Download Opera Panel Cab
(Got Install Cab At another location,
The cab I posted will not overwrite the
titanium cpr's like the original cab does.)

If you're experiencing problems importing your bookmarks to the panel,
download this file,
go to start > system tools,
open up Total Commander
(file explorer that allows overwriting of read only files)
copy the small text file to the "windows\" folder
and choose overwrite if asked!
that should take care of the problem.
I am working on a script to allow the two
different known locations of the bookmark file.
Till then, here's the file:
Mortscript Replacement File
Or Use This Cab Installer

Original Thread
Download Titanium Panel Cab
Download Necessary Facebook Program
Download Necessary Facebook Instant Message Program
If you get an error when you go to launch the program,
and you have the program installed (not just the titanium panel)
then download and install this cab.
(the panel was looking in the wrong location for the exe)​

System Panel


Artesea Twitter
(I like this one better,
It displays the last ten tweets.)
Install Instructions:
Unzip, Install New Mortscript Version(beta),
Then install the panel by clicking Install.mscr
Orignal Thread
Download Program


Fav People Panel
(I like this better than stock Fav People Panel,
this one allows you to change the name
and soft keys in a friendly user interface)

Original Thread
Download Titanium Panel Cab

HTC Audio Manager
(For Non NFSFAN Rom Users)
Original Thread
Download Cab Installer

Comm Manager

Analog Clock

All In One Notifications

(Program Launcher With Program to Change Program)
Original Thread
Download Cab Installer

Volume Panel

TitaniumWeather With Radar

Titanium Weather step by step fix for NFSFANs V10 ROM (Stock Weather Panel)
(This has been reported to work with other versions of Nfsfan's roms,
and some other versions of Weather panel.
No harm to try, you can always reinstall the original panel again.)

- Download the file as offered HERE
- Extract the zip file to desktop
- Copy the TitaniumWeather.mscr file to your phone (storage card or where ever)
- Click on Start Go into settings>today and under the 2nd tab (ITEMS) disable "Windows Default" (6.5 Interface AKA CHome)
- Use Total Commander to copy from location you saved the file to to the root of \Windows - overwrite if needed or if you are having issues coping it over rename the original file(TitaniumWeather.mscr) to titaniumweather.bak and then copy it over
- Go to settings>today and enable Windows Default (6.5 Interface)
- Go to Weather Tab and in lower right click on Setup
- Select 2nd option (Run full update and exit)
- Wait for full update to occur and scroll through pages all icons should have appeared again (although I had to run the full update twice)
May need to start IE or Opera or whatever browser you use to gain an internet connection first to perform update if you already dont have the option to "connect to the internet automatically" set in your options before attempting the update

(Thanks to 4Thought for this) If your in Canada or other locations just enter in your location code directly in this format: NAM|**|**|****** replacing the * with your location in the SETUP options (Setup>Option 3 (Forcast options/setup) > Option 1 (Zip or Location Code)
an example would be NAM|CA|ON|OSHAWA for Oshawa Canada or NAM|CA|AB|EDMONTON for Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Or if that doesn't work,
Try this File
Download this file,
Turn Off Titanium (Start>Settings>Today, click Items tab, Uncheck Windows Default, press ok)
Copy file to Windows directory, overwrite if asked.
Turn On Titanium(same steps, just re-check Windows Default)
Then you're good to go.

Titanium Weather Fix Cab Installer

Original Thread
Installation Instructions:
I modified the files and put them inside this cab.
It will install the files in the right place,
but you will need to go to
windows\program files\taskanium
and click on
Then soft reset or you will only see Add New Task.​

CHome Editor
To turn panels on and off, go to: Start > System > Titanium Customizer and highlight the tab you want to disable, and click "disable" on the right hand side.You can also enable tabs that you have disabled by highlighting the name, and clicking "enable." Also, you can reorder the tabs using this program.

(If you have other requests let me know.)
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Nov 16, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
Other wm6.5 Customizations & Registry Tweaks
(will have cabs and the registry locations for noobs and non-noobs) ;)

Is ActiveSync continuously popping up on your phone?
if so, then you need ASKicker (My Ultimate ActiveSync Fix):
Link To My Thread (Under Construction Still)​

Makes Texts go up to 160 characters.
(only works if your carrier allows 160 character texts,
otherwise it will split the text at it's default size)
Sprint, Alltel, And I think Verizon Allow 160.
Bell only allows 140 character texts.
I have no idea about other carriers, sorry!
Download Cab
Registry Location: (Hexadecimal)
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\SMS\TextShared\IS637MaxAsciiCharacters = a0
(No Spaces In: IS637MaxAsciiCharacters
for some reason when I save this post it's adding a space)​

Skinny 6-7 Reception Bars:
I have alltel and only have 4bars to show my reception level.
This cab makes my phone have 6-7 bars to more accurately show my reception/signal level.
Download Cab
Registry Location: (Decimal)
HKCU\ControlPanel\PhoneExtendFunction\CDMA\SignalStrengthLevel = 7
(No Spaces In: SignalStrengthLevel
for some reason when I save this post it's adding a space)​

(Needed for various windows mobile6.5 stuff like skins etc)
Download Cab

Four Column Start Menu:
With Honeycomb:
Download Cab

Without honeycomb:
Download Cab
*Will Be Updating The 4Column Stuff Soon Soon....*

NFSFAN T9 Registry Fix:
(Fixes T9 Default Problem)
Download Cab
Registry Location: (Decimal)
HKLM\Software\Tegic\eT9\IME\CarrierDefaultTextMode = 1​

Phone App Fix:
(If you're phone app(dialer) keeps popping up,
this is exactly what you need!)
(This also fixes the problem with the lockscreen interuppting/preventing the alarms from working.)
Download Cab
Registry Location: (Decimal)
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\ShowTitleBarClock = 2​

Finger Friendly Volume:
Original Thread
Download Cab
(I suggest installing to Device if asked,
Modded cab to include SetVolumeConfig
instead of having a separate cab.)

Default And Touch Skins Files in Rar
How To Skin Text File

(This let's you reorder the 6.5 start menu,
and also change the icons for start menu items.)
*To add your own icons to the program,*
*place the icon in "\Program Files\reSTART\icons"*
Original Thread
Download Cab Installer

Move wm6.5 Lock Slider:
(QVGA Only-Will Make VGA)
(Moves slider to the bottom of the screen
and the calendar/time to the top.)

Original Thread

(Different cpr file than titanium's cpr,
to install, copy to windows directory)

[url=]Download Lockscreen cpr File Cab Installer

*If you have customized your lockscreen,
the cab installer or copying the file to the windows directory
will overwrite your lockscreen cpr,
Its the same principal as titanium cpr's.​

Keep Music Playing:
All you do is install this,
and then when you have music playing in any program,
tap the power button to put in suspend mode,
and you're good to go.

Download Cab Installer
Registry location:
Change Wav1 dword value to a "0"​

Turn aGPS Off:
If you'd like to use your gps without connecting to a data connection,
use this cab, it should work.
It will make your phone take longer to acheive satellite locks,
but if you don't have a data plan, this is what you most likely want.

*I have not tested it personally as I like aGPS,
but if it does not work, let me know.*
Download Cab
Registry Location:
EnableAGPS - 0
EnableGPSSmartMode - 0
GPSMode - 2​
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Nov 16, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
Windows Mobile 6.5 Themes And
Titanium Skins And Manilla 2D Themes

**You Need To Install SDKCERTS Before Installing Any Of These!!**

More Coming Soon.

6.5 and Titanium:

Original Thread
(This Is A Beta Till The Creator Updates)

Crismon Darkness:

Simple Blue:


Manilla 2D:

Audi Theme:
**Created By Atoz350**

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Nov 16, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
Program Cabs:
(No Warez!)
Opera Mobile Browser:
I'll upload these myself to rapid later
Thread with newer version

.Net Framework 3.5:
I know I personally need it for tons of programs/games/etc.
Download Cab

Mortscript 4.3B2 (Beta):
(Newest Version - Fixed Bugs from 4.2)
Download Rar with All Mortscript Items
(Includes ppc cab, setup exe to install from computer,
Manual, Commands List, ReadMe)

Also, Check here for Mortscript Examples/Help.

Microsoft Office Mobile 2007:
(Opens 2007 Documents) - Does not replace existing.
Download Cab

Full Mobile Flash:
(not a stand alone player, I use this with a bunch of programs,
next opera mobile version is reported to be flash compatible!!)
Download Cab

Wolf's Translator:
Translate All kinds of languages, it uses google's translator.
(If you have a problem that occurs with program,
please post at developer's original thread!)

Download Cab
Original Thread

(Last Free Edition)
Download Cab

Download Cab
Having problems with songs cutting off?
Fix is located here!!
I'll make a cab of the changes sometime soon,
but till then, have at it!​

(Untill I create a mortscript to start a
data connection before starting this program,
and then stoping the data connection after closing the program,
you MUST initiate a data connection before you can use this program.
Mortscript coming soon!!)
Download Cab

Dictionary Editor:
(Edit the t9 dictionary on your phone)
Download Cab

Task Facade v4:

No Data Cab:
If you don't have a data plan,
this is for you. It's a program to switch off data,
and prevents any programs from using the data connection.

Download Cab

SIP Change:
Program to change the default keyboard
if you're having problems with the keyboard defaulting
to something other than what you chose.

Download Cab

I also recommend researching either Sashimi or User Customization.
Or better yet, both. They are extremely helpful.
There are more threads out there for User Customization,
But the Sashimi Link is to the "Home" Website.​
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Nov 16, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
Other Walkthroughs:

As Reported by mnherky:
"I'm having a problem when i set up active sync to my work exchange server. they require that i have 4 digit pin to unlock the phone. when the phone starts it looks like it is trying to go to the keypad to unlock but only the top bar shows up, the rest of the screen is blank. the only extra thing i install was the touch pal keyboard.
thanks for the help and ROM"
Common fix: "Try not setting up the PIN. Many people have reported problems using a PIN with the new lock screen."
His fix: "It's required by my company in order to set up active sync.
If anyone else is having this issue switching to classic [display] seems to have fixed all the issues.
kind of looks ugly but it works."​

Turn GPS On:
(6.1 and 6.5 Compatible)
Go to Start>Settings>Personal>Phone
Click services tab, make sure location setting is highlighted,
click get settings, Check on, press ok.
For google maps,
you'll need to have it open of course,
then go to menu, click use gps.
(it should have a check mark next to option when it's turned on)​

NFSFAN Dialers
(Written By Jmitr)

NFSFAN has 2 different ROM’s available for our Vogues.
1. Windows Mobile 6.1
2. Windows Mobile 6.5

Both of these ROMS use different dialers, these are listed below:

1. WM 6.1 ROMS GSM Dialer

This dialer is one of the newer ones available.
It features slide to anwser/ignore and other features.
To go into this dialer first I have to list the issues
with GSM dialers on CDMA phones.

• 911 and number codes usually do not work
• Data sessions. In most gsm dialers the data is always active. This causes quite a battery drain

NFSFAN has managed to fix these problems to an extent.
911 works, phone codes cannot be directly dialed but are
found in a folder under systems.
The data is NOT always active,
however the data arrows are “broken” or greyed out.​

2. WM 6.5 CDMA Dialer

This is basically the same as the stock dialer that came with your phone.
It may not be “as pretty” as the gsm dialer,
but everything works just like stock.
This is the reason that you will no longer find the
phone codes folder in the 6.5 ROM as there is no need for it.

It is possible to skin a dialer and add colour etc.
This changes the appearance of the dialer
without actually installing a different dialer.
Some people have installed newer dialers in the 6.5 ROM as well.
Just remember the issues with gsm when you do.
You may find your battery depletes quickly (data issue)
or 911 doesn’t work (BAD if you figure that out when you need it!!)​

Phone codes Walkthrough
(Written By Jmitr)

• ##778 = ..\Windows\EPST.exe ##778

View/edit phone provisioning (you'll need your phone specific MSL to edit)

Always keep a record of your phone's ESN, MSID, Security, EPST, and M. IP settings in case a flash reprograms your phone.

Run the EPST utility by:

1. Typing ##778 into the dialer Or from the ..\Windows directory you can also directly execute EPST.exe or EPST.lnk
2. If EPST.exe quickly loads and exits, then try a few more times before resetting your phone and trying again.
3. Select VIEW and then record your info. On most versions, the A-Key is blank and will not be displayed. If your phone fails to authenicate with your provider, you will need to call your providers technical support line to get a new A-key. The A-key is not reuseable.

To edit your EPST if you have lost security and data connections:
NOTE: The Verizon MSL is 000000 (six zeros) - you don't need to run getspl.exe for a Verizon phone, skip to step 6.

1. First follow these steps to obtain your phone's MSL unlocking code
2. Obtain getspl.exe
3. execute that on your Titan
4. Type in your ESN(Hex) into the input field
5. Hit go and record your phone's MSL Number (EPST unlock code)
6. Re-run the EPST app and now select Edit and unlock with your MSLNumber
7. Edit the necessary keys
8. Select Done when finished

There is a thread in the Vogue Forum called "##778 hacks shared" please visit it here for more information:

• #33284 (debug) = ..\Windows\FieldTrial.exe

Field Trial shows your signal strength in dbm and channel info

What the numbers mean:

Signal strength is a number ranging from roughly -50 to -105 (your phone may show as a positive number). Closer to zero means a better signal, i.e. -
50 (roughly full signal) to -105 (roughly no signal.)

• #3424(diag)
= ..\Windows\DMRouter.exe /DIAG

Diagnostic Mode, required to repair, or configure the Operator service related programs

• #38278 (fuart)= ..\Windows\Fuart.exe Fuart

Enable or Disable Fast UART mode. Resets device after choosing.

A UART is a serial to parallel data converter. I would assume the Vogue uses this mode for serial connections to a PC (USB ect). Because HTC uses this connector for headphones etc it may also affect these.

For Sprint, there's an extra # at the end instead of pressing Send. (ex. ##778#)

If anyone has any additional information please pm JMITR and I will add it to the FAQ.[/QUOTE]

** Opal (HTC) volume control will not work with the CDMA dialer **
** because you can't adjust incall volume. **
** GSM dialer has problems on 6.5, **
** and it doesn't work properly. **
** For this reason the volume control in the 6.5 ROM is the default microsoft one. **​

OverClocking The Vogue:
HTC Perfomance and GFXBoost
DO NOT affect the phone in any way.
It is just a placebo affect.

"They don't work either of them.
GFX Boost uses the QTV layer to draw surfaces,
Vogue doesn't have it." By Nfsfan.​
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Nov 16, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
Coming Soon/Working On:
~I have all DCD Carrier Cabs, but still finding all MMS Cabs, I need the following mms cabs, if you have them or can send me a link to them I'd appreciate it: lusacell, cricket, tnz, uscc, telus, sprint, qwest, bell, appalachain.
*Cabs to remove unused keyboards from sip list.
*Working on mortscript coding to get the opera panel to look into the two different known spots for the bookmark file.
*Change Raphael Bookmarks text in the opera panel, submit me some ideas to change it to, i'll be making cabs!
*Trying to figure out how to launch opera mini using mortscript, it's possible,
just might take a little while if someone doesn't already have the fix someone.
*Trying to fix async killer cab,or find a better one.
~Also I'm going to be working on getting this launcher panel I have seen,
It allows up to 18 programs and I want to make sure it is fully compatible with the other panels!
~Softkey registry locations so you can change them on all panels, and maybe eventually make a user friendly program.
*Will note 6.1 compatible cabs/information in this faq in attempt to hold off 6.1 users till they finally upgrade to 6.5.
*Attempt to make this list smaller, it's growing faster than I can do everything.
*Look into custom fonts, write walkthrough.
*Gps For Carriers Section

*=Going to try and get these done this weekend.
And there's more that are not listed here. ;)
~Mortscript to start a data connection and run Lastfm program, then when you close last fm, it shuts off the data connection.
~Waiting on registry info to get twitter panel working
~Problem told to me in PM(Just my personal note to remind myself)

Working on making the mortscript file to make it look into two diff locations with the already given code,
async fix,
then opera mini thing with opera panel,
then the keyboard cleanup thing.

This Summer:
Going to build these programs:
1. Pill Identifier that uses's pill identifier information,
and will relay all their information to the phone in a mobile friendly format.
2. They have facebook sync programs to sync pictures,
I'm going to try and see if it's possible to sync friend's pictures from myspace.

I really have to update this. hahahaha​
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Nov 16, 2008
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thanks for this. great post! can't wait to see what kind of themes come up for titanium/6.5 menus

I know it!
There are already some out that are showing alot of potential.
I'm personally going to work on some titanium ones here in the near future.
But have a few other things I want to do before I play with titanium.

i have a bunch of themes but have to edit the titanium cpr info within the cabs,
they overwrite the existing cpr's and it erases certain panels.

@ryudo423 down below,
thank you.
There were others that helped out with bits and pieces.
I just wanted to give back to this community,
and didn't know where to start,
and I love nfsfan's roms,
so I said why not since he has 10982750913745714 million pages of posts in his rom thread. :D
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