Nitro stuck on LG Boot

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Apr 21, 2012
So, my Nitro is stuck on its LG Boot logo. I'm scared to unbrick (even though I've done it before), because I can access CWM, and when I tried installing a new ROM, it just shut down as soon as the process started. The lights blink when turning it on, but thats only for like 1 second before it goes to the LG boot. Should I risk unbricking? I don't wanna have to send my phone to LG again. Plus, my mom would kill me.
EDIT: Managed to get into CWM and flash CM10 again, but now it lags so horrible i'm gonna cry.
EDITEDIT: Restored to CM9 7.17. Works smoothly. Might flash back to CM10 though, I never learn from my mistakes :D
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Mar 21, 2012
I know that you may have heard of it before, redownload the rom and copy it to a location of your choice on the sdcard. You can do this with an microsd adapter and than try to flash it again. Just make sure that you wipe everything, that should install everything in default mode.