No.1 D5 smartwatch :(

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Apr 1, 2017
This post may not go far, but I'll give it a try.
about 6 months ago I bought a No.1 D5 smart watch. The arrival of which left me going WOO HOO!!!
6 months down the track--and I am going---I love the watch but--- really, was it worth it?
Don't get me wrong, it looks great, it's stylish, and I can change the watch face to fit my mood.
And it even save my butt several times with the built in cell phone.
That is until the wires in the crappy strap corroded through. Now it picks up diddly squat, and now the inner lining of those same straps have broken away, leaving half tubes of what appear to be metal hooked over the strap pins, I can even see the strap pins!
I can replace the strap at the expense of the cell phone feature, sure but that isn't the point.
If a product is put out on the market it should last longer than 6 months.
And this hasn't.
Has anyone here managed to replace the antenna within the straps with something--more durable? Something that actually works?
Grate watch--useless strap. I've recommended the watch to a couple of friends, now I have told them not to waist their dosh, it's just not worth it if it only works for a few months