"no command" in stock recovery (XT1642)

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Senior Member
Mar 28, 2011

after I made an offical OTA on my XT1642 (dual-sim, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, no root) to the latest official released firmware MPJ24.139-63 I have an issue when I entered into recovery mode. All I see there is the small bugdroid and the message "no command".

Tried it - as it is decribed for older motos - by pushing power and volume down, but nothing happend.

What do I have to do now?


Senior Member
Oct 9, 2015
Sorry, but this still doesn't work for me. Still "no command" whether if only volume up is pushed or both keys (volume up and power).
I guess the recovery mode on my Moto is broken. :(

You have to press power button 5 sec and don't release it at 5 sec, press and release volume up, you must in recovery.

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