No longer a supported app please remove

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Feb 15, 2011
Absolutely beautiful! SGS vibrant
People use astro or root explorer to put.apk in system/apps/
Or it wont work

That's how I did it


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Dec 17, 2010
I get FC when updating the location (on an LG P500 Android 2.2.1) but it's absolutely stunning!

Thank you!

Edit: Trying adb push of the db and I'll report back ;)
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    No longer a supported app please remove
    No longer a supported app please remove
    Not sure if this will help anyone out with the install, this may or may not have been posted already as i didnt read all the posts. GingaB posted instructions with flashable zips in post 140 that makes it easy to install this if you dont know how to use adb or dont want to use it. The only bad thing about his instructions is that it only installs the cities in Europe. I edited the zips so you can download and flash MIUI Weather with your choice of state/cities.

    1. Download, and the zip that contains your state. If you live in Indiana you would download "" because Indiana starts with the letter I in the alphabet and that zip contains the states from GA to MA alphabetically.

    2. Flash from recovery.

    3. Reboot, open MIUI weather (it will FC).

    4. Place the widget on the desktop and tap on the weather section.

    5. Reboot into recovery and flash the second .zip you downloaded

    6. Reboot, now it should work.

    If you have any problems, reboot into recovery and clear your cache a few times and then reboot. This should fix ANY issues.


    I take no credit for this, all credit goes to creator of the original zips and GingaB i just edited them! If you have questions pm me or post here and ill help you, if i cant im sure someone can. If this has already been posted then i apologize!
    And if you are have issues installing it just use zipsigner from the market and sign the apk a it will work

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    For those having issues downloading the app Roenanno @MIUIdev made a working flashable zip. Ive flashed it myself and it works flawlessly! I gotta stress this zip is for those who live in European countries only!!!

    1- Flash from recovery.
    2- reboot, open MIUI weather (it will FC).
    3- place the widget on the desktop and tap on the weather section.
    4- reboot into recovery and flash
    5- reboot, now it should work.

    Roenano also mentioned he can't assure you it will work 100% as he had some problems while trying to install. But now it works properly on his phone but It worked first time on mine. If you have any issues feel free to try different things (wiping cache, clearing data for the app, etc) and see if it works for you.