No mate 30x... What next?

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Mar 3, 2020
My upgrade is now due on my contract (I purchased M20X outside contract). I love the Mate20X but have the chance of getting a Oneplus 7 Pro 5G for free on a 5G plan for cheaper than I'm currently paying.

Would you keep the M20X or switch to OP 7 Pro 5G? OP is not dual sim whereas Mate20X is. My mate20x is the 4G edition though, and they've just rolled out 5G where I live... hmmm.....
I love the 2 day battery but the full 90hz 1440p screen is tempting me, even though it is 1/2 inch smaller...
I've actually just traded for a Mate 20x that I'm waiting to arrive, but I had the Oneplus 7t Pro 5g mclaren and while the phone is great as far as looks and performance, the 5g eats the battery like crazy. Went through a couple thinking it was a hardware issue but it's just bad battery life. Using a Oneplus 7t now and it does fine.


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Sep 17, 2007
You can still install the playstore , just Google it

It's time for Mate 40 pro.
I saw some concept pictures. They look stunning.
I expect:
Kirin 1020, full 5g
Screen not smaller than 6.7 and not bigger than 6.9 (with better resolution). I changed my mind regarding phones with really big screen - I use MateX a lot and it is a little heavy and tiring to hold)
At least optional durable plastic and faux leather (or metal) back
Stereo sound as good as of Mate x
esim, volts, vowifi, 5g calling
the best camera array
and everything that the high end phone supposed to have.

As far as gapps are concerned I'd really miss 3 of them: Gplay (with google account and my paid apps), Gpay and Gmaps (with Gauto). Everything else that I use is either installable or replaceable. So I guess in the worst case scenario I could accept trade off of Google ecosystem for the really exceptional phone.


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Oct 18, 2018
Think I'll wait and hope someone comes with a new big one, I know BS3P, Buuttt hmmm, I don't think it's big enough for me.

Best size I ever had was the Zenfone 3 Ultra.
Still miss this huge display.

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    As I said many times, it was never going to happen. All the manufacturers are deliberately not refreshing their phablet lines, as it would mean lower sales / price points for their folders - which are destined to be the next super high margin cash cow. Same reason (allied with cost savings) the displays get taller and thinner.

    They're killing them because they are popular, not because they're not.

    Smaller players could benefit by bucking this trend. None have though.

    Doubt you see any replacements for the 20 X in 2020.
    Seems the 7 inch phone is dying off. What are we big phone lovers going to move to next?
    I think no mate 30x because it would cannibalise the mate 20x 5g sales. Hoping therefore we see a mate 40x. But cult classic phablets are always niche and seem to not be regular releases. There was no Sony z ultra sequel for years. Same with galaxy mega. No mi max this year either. Foldables may also eventually kill off the super sized phablets. Sadly I think the mate 20x may end up a well loved enthusiast cult classic that never gets refreshed.

    I have two. One for personal one for work. I can't go back to anything smaller. And it's just so smooth still. I have nowhere to go from here except foldable or stick with the mate 20x for years which I will probably do. Best phone ever.
    Keeping my mate 20 x. I recently traded for p30 pro, no regrets. Pens pretty wack. But the screen size, speakers and battery is top of the class.
    I will keep my M20X for another year, it's still a nice and powerful phone.

    If no Mate 40 X next year, i gonna buy Honor Note 11.
    The Note model will come every 2 year. I had Note 10 for around 3 month, nice and powerful phone to, its not a Mate I know, but Mate X was something speciel info big display phones, so a Note on 7,2 - 7,6 inch will be good enough for me.

    Maybe I will use my old Zenfone 3 Ultra for a while, still can't forget the 16:9 format... Miss that a lot... But just kidding with the ultra, will be hard using an older phone VS the M20X now.
    Big dilemma [emoji1787]

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