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    Last updated: 14 December 2011, 23:45 CST

    An alternative to this thread is in the works. Please be patient.

    Ok guys, here's how this works. Everyone wants their shiny new device to have a home on XDA, right? Right. Simply put, make a post in here with your device name and I'll add a vote for it below. This thread is to keep track of the tallies as they get more popular. This thread is also completely unofficial and does not guarantee that any forum will be created. It's just here because I felt the need to tidy up this forum. No double voting! Once (IF) the forum gets added, I'll link to it in the third post once I become aware of it. Simple, right?

    Most requested:
    Samsung Galaxy-R i9103 x 350+

    Samsung Galaxy-R i9103 x 350+
    Samsung Galaxy W I8150 x 268
    Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 x 137
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA NEO V x 123
    LG Optimus ME P350 x 104
    HTC EVO Design 4G/Hero S x 89
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro (MK16a and MK16i) x 88
    LG Esteem x 79
    Samsung Exhibit II 4G x 35
    Samsung Stratosphere x 33
    Huawei IDEOS U8150 x 32
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Live Walkman x 27
    Alcatel One Touch 990 x 14
    Samsung Galaxy SII I9100G x 13
    Acer Iconia Smart S300 x 10
    HTC Rhyme/Bliss x 7
    Motorola Defy Plus x 5
    LG myTouch Q x 5
    Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 x 5
    Motorola Admiral x 3
    Motorola Fire XT311/316 x 3
    Motorola Pro+/MB632 x 3
    Motorola Cliq/Cliq XT/Cliq 2 x 2
    Casio G'zOne Commando x 2
    LG Optimus C660 x 2
    HTC Pico/Explorer x 2
    Acer Liquid Metal x 2
    LG Optimus Chat x 1
    Motorola Milestone X x 1
    Samsung Conquer 4G x 1
    Sony Ericsson Active x 1
    Samsung Caliber x 1
    Orange San Francisco II/ZTE Blade S x 1
    Micromax A85 x 1
    LG Optimus Net P699 x 1
    Micromax A70 x 1
    ZTE Score x 1

    Samsung Focus Flash x 3

    Nokia N9 x 2

    Le Pan Tabletx 110
    Huawei Mediapad/T-Mobile SpringBoard x 88
    Vizio VTAB1008 x 43
    LG G-slate/Optimus x 19
    Lenovo IdeaPad K1 x 12
    Kobo Vox x 10
    Lenovo A1 x 10
    Asus Eee Pad Slider x 7
    Sony PRS-T1 x 7
    Zenithink C91 x 2
    Aaskash Tablet x 2
    Ainol NOVO (all variants) x 2
    Nextbook Premium 7 x 2
    Archos 80 G9 x 2
    Archos 101 G9 x 2
    Motorola Xoom 2 x 1
    Zenithink C71 x 1
    Serioux GoTab S700 Slim x 1
    Zenithink ZT-180 x 1

    Blackberry Playbook x 4

    1. Oh, my gosh, I like this thread and you quoted me in a post. Can we be BFFs? I'm going to spam your inbox until you reply.

    Don't PM me for any reason concerning this thread. If you send me garbage in my inbox, I'm going to report you. Plain and simple.

    2. How many votes can I cast?

    One vote per device, per user.

    3. I want to vote for two devices. May I?

    Sure. You may vote for as many devices as you like, but only once per device.

    4. How many votes does it take to get a forum added?

    There is no set number. Ask an admin how they decide. This isn't an official thread. It just keeps the forum cleaner.
    See below for a quote on the subject from MikeChannon, who is a forum admin.

    5. You made a spelling error/put a device in the wrong heading/listed a device that has a forum or any other mistake.

    Post the error that I made in a new post, and I will correct it. DO NOT PM ME.

    6. Why did some other device get a forum when I think my device is more popular?

    I don't know. Ask an admin.
    See below for a quote on the subject from MikeChannon, who is a forum admin.

    As cajun says above.

    Please remember that popularity although an important factor in deciding if a phone gets a forum, IS NOT the only factor.

    We are likely to see more and more low priced devices around that will be very very popular (due to price) and we will not be adding them all if any!

    So in addition to popularity we consider things like the specs of the device, does it have anything particularly new to offer, are there existing or potential developers for the device (not just ROM cookers) and so on. This does mean there will be potentially "good" devices that we will not add. In addition of course we have to have regard to our resources. In today's world we could add several devices per week, but we would not be able to provide enough administration and moderation to keep things running at least fairly smoothly!
    Galaxy R section coming in a couple of days. :cool: :eek:

    We're working on a different approach to this voting thing. I will tally all votes up to this point. Nothing past here will carry over. Please be patient as we change the format of this to something more streamlined.