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No-name BMW E60 chinese HA bricked (files/images included)

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New member
May 16, 2021
Debrecen, Hungary
Hello, I have a HU. I installed a Launcher, set it as default, and now it can't go to the Android menu, the Bluetooth is working fine, just a BMW logo looping. I tried to fix it, accidentally bricked it as well (deleted everything with SPF), because it's now not recognized by my laptop. I got my original firmware from the manufacturer I think (link K2001N.img), but they didn't really tell me how to use it. So currently the reverse cam is working, the original BMW menu is working, the Android part is a huge black screen (with back light). I also tried to find test points, with not much luck. Can someone help me to find the test points, and tell me how to use this .img file? Only one RST button is present. I already tried a few test prints with no luck, maybe I can memory dump this image file?
HU details (so others find it in the future)
Kernel: [email protected]
Build number: full_8227L_demo-userdebug 10 O00019 1610719904 userdebug
Build version: alps-mp-o1.mp5
MCU: HTT_B0_Y8_00_200728B



Nov 12, 2021
please help stuck in android logo does anyone know how to do a hard reset, i tried with update but it doesn't start .. if anyone knows how to restart again please ... thanks . it's china bmw e60 rockcip 3399


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