No network after stock pie on TMO XT1789-04 moto z2 force | Baseband showing normally

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May 31, 2010
Accidentally I flashed India Retail stock pie rom(nash-user 9 PPX29.159-19 02844 release-keysM8998_50.71.02.95R) on my XT1789-04 and when it booted normally it didn't have any network.

I tried flashing custom roms Lineage 16 and 17 (Android 9 and 10) but still no network, everything else works perfectly fine.

I tried flashing TMO stock rom BUILD NUMBER OSX 27.1.7(NASH_TMO_C_OCXS27.109-51-14-7_subsidy-TMO_RSU_regulatory-DEFAULT_CFC) but still no network, I still have wifi and baseband(M8998TMO _ 20207 . 117. 02. 41. 08R NUS).

I tried flashing on slot A/B and both slots at same time still same thing. I also did wipe data or factory reset after flashing stock rom. I also tried Lenovo moto smart assistant and it successfully flashed the same rom as mentioned above but still no network.
I couldn't able to do blankflash as I couldnt get into edl mode, I tried adb and from TWRP as well, it goes to blank screen and immediately boots normally.

Current status:
I have baseband showing on my phone: M8998TMO _ 20207 . 117. 02. 41. 08R NUS
IMEI : showing normally
STOCK ROM :- OSX 27.1.7(NASH_TMO_C_OCXS27.109-51-14-7_subsidy-TMO_RSU_regulatory-DEFAULT_CFC)
Wifi : Working
Network/Radio :- not working (no network / sim card is not detecting)
Bootloader : Unlocked

Can somebody please suggest some solution to get network signal or sim detection back?
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Jul 27, 2009
I currently have the same issue after having solved the 'no baseband' problem and could use some help as well.


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Feb 20, 2015
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No solution, I'm sorry. I have the exact same problems on my 1789-04... Wi fi working, no mobile network.. My sim is detected in the phone. using a phone info app it detects the sim, lists the sim icc number... only the phone ICC is unknown.. I am nearly positive that this is a software issue (theres nothing wrong with the modem or phone hardware wise). Still have baseband and imei.


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Nov 27, 2020

Hello I have the same problem, I tried several roms and everything works except the mobile signal.
I installed the original version that I had backed up (android 8) and I still have the same problem with the mobile signal.
I don't know what to do anymore. I want to get my phone back, there has to be a way.
My original phone is model XT1789-04 tmo with July 2019 patch, it is from the US, unlocked for use in Argentina, it worked fine until I wanted to put the android pie 9 on it and since then all this started. Help!!!!