No OTA update since May

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Dec 21, 2017
my phone hasn't received any update since May (build number: V11.0.2.0.QFQEUXM). Is there any way to force the update (preferably without wiping data and/or unlocking bootloader)?


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Feb 17, 2008
I got the same problem. I did manual update, which is much simpler than described in links above. OTA updates for EEA version are here:
I don't know if all updates have to be applied or it is enough to install the most recent one. I have installed all.

Procedure for updating with official firmware is following:
  • Save update on root of SD card.
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press and hold power button + volume up. You can release buttons when screen light up.
  • Wait for a screen with Android icon and text "no command"
  • Press short power button + volume up. You should enter recovery menu.
  • Use volume up/down to navigate menu and power button to select an item.
  • Execute option: "Apply update form SD card". Find and select update file on SD.
  • Restart phone.


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Apr 1, 2009
Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite
The only difference between "manual" update and steps in the links above is that you had to copy zip files to the phone. With ADB command it's not required, adb will take care of that (and also they'll be removed automatically). The rest is the same. :)


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Dec 21, 2017
I didn't expect replies so fast, thank you.
I will try these solutions after work and let you know how it went.
edit: It just worked. Thanks again.
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