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Dec 14, 2022
It seems so great :)
By any chance, is there a Tuto that explains step by step, with the requirements (software, drivers, etc..), how to do steps 2, 3 and 4 please?
Friend, making a detailed tutorial takes a lot of work, but I'll leave some references and tips for you.

2) Installing ROM with unlocked bootloader

Other references

3) Change the software channel

Just need to run this command “.\fastboot oem config carrier reteu”

IMPORTANT: Choose a channel that has OTA updates, like RETEU

Updated software channel list

ATTMX = AT&T Mexico
BELLCA = Bell Canada
MOVLA = Movistar Latin America
MSTLA = Movistar Latin America
MSTCL = Movistar Colombia
ORANGE = Orange (France?)
RETAPAC = Retail Asia-Pacific Region
RETASIA = Retail Asia
RETBR = Retail Brazil
RETEU = Retail Europe
RETCA = Retail Canada
RETIN = Retail India
RETLA = Retail Latin America
RETMX = Retail Mexico
RETUS = US Retail
RGRCA = Rogers Canada
TIMBR = Tim Brazil
TKPCA = Telus Canada
VZW/VERIZON = Verizon Wireless USA

4) how to lock bootloader

I hope it helps. Good luck.

Caution. Study all the videos and information well so as not to damage your smartphone.
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    yes I went fron CN to EU then relocked ....I did this a while ago. Say mid November and the updates didn't show untill Jan 3rd. So probably the Normal updates. ( OEMs are always behind Mother Google ..
    relocking... It's on you.... I take no responsibility. I had a backup phone so I did it. I was concerned too but after the hassle I had to get the phone to boot in the first place after the switch to the new ROM, that was the least of my concerns. I think bricking from a relock is from the old timey days of previous ROMs . Remember there's a LOT of misinformation purposely put on this forum to dissuade any creativity on your part. Creativity equals lost revenue for device manufacturers....or so they 🤔 think.
    What they are actually doing is unintentionally shooting themselves in the nuts...yeah Motorola I'm talking to you.
    Yes! Yes! Yes! Done and relocked on EU(from CN). All working so far. Weird MDM enrollment issues gone. Weird password manager issues gone. Default wallet app back to normal. Netflix installed. The experience is so much nicer. No issues with banking apps yet.

    Thanks all.
    I would like to record my experience with the RAZR 2022 XT2251-1

    1) I bought the RAZR 2022 on Aliexpress. Device produced for Chinese market (official Chinese ROM, but changed by Aliexpress seller)
    A RAZR 2022 arrived for me with the following configurations:
    a) Global CUSTOM ROM (nstalled by aliexpress seller)
    b) Bootloader unlocked
    c) Software channel: retcn
    Observation. Netflix and Google pay did not work. Every app that needed the CTS Certificate didn't work.

    What I decided to do:

    2) I changed the Global Custom ROM to Motorola's OFFICIAL RETAIL ROM (I didn't make a backup, I just used ADB to install the new ROM)

    3) I changed the software channel retcn to reteu (I used the command “fastboot oem config carrier reteu”). I had to restore the device for the change to be shown in the system.

    4) I locked the bootloader again (I used the command fastboot oem lock)
    Result: Apparently everything is working perfectly. Android auto, Netflix, Google pay (NFC) and OTA updates.

    Thanks for all the forum comments. They helped a lot.
    Excellent information.
    How did you relocked?
    Did you just use the "fastboot oem lock" or "fastboot flashing lock" scrips?
    Yep. Fastboot oem lock.... I always use the KISS tactics first ... Then go hardcore if that doesn't work...
    Sorry, to confirm you went from Razr 2022 Motorola CN ROM to Motorola EU Rom and were able to relock the bootloader without issue? I'm looking to do the same as I need dont need root and want mdm to function correctly. Did you just follow the steps on the first thread here?

    Many thanks.
    Yes I was able to lock the bootloader with no issues... just using a typical " lock oem bootloader script" actually thats the least of my concerns..... I take no responsibility for your device though. because on the flipside I had hell trying to to get EU rom to boot up once installed... so different issues all togeher.

    My reasoing was the OTA security updates( which BTW they are still on October from what I see) so relocking yeilded an empty bag of nothing.

    NOW, Im trying to unF$%^ this situation with T-mobile and the lack of intergrated visual voicemail. and trying to get the CN dialer ( or any dialer with similar features) back. I think EU Rom is blocking me from installing any of the MOTO UI indian or Chinese variants