No root Magisk 25.2 patch recovery in TWRP for Galaxy

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Jan 11, 2023

I finally got Palladium GSI installed (Android 11)! I rooted my Pixel in the past with Magisk 25.2. Now on my Samsung Galaxy A50 that I installed Palladium, I cannot get root. Here are the steps I did.

RAMDISK=NO in Magisk.

(1) Download Magisk 25.2
(2) extract recovery.img from TWRP 3.6 (that I installed originally)
(3) Open Magisk->Install with recovery mode checked ->NEXT -> select and patch a file -> pick recovery.img -> "let's go"
(4) copy the Magisk patched image to my SD Card
(5) boot into TWRP
(6) Install->Image-> pick the Magisk patched (recovery) image -> select 'recovery' partition -> 'swipe to confirm flash'
(7) reboot to recovery once flashed
(8) open Magisk app, no root :(

what did I do wrong?

I also tried installing Magisk in TWRP by renaming the extension to 'zip' and flashing, rebooting into recovery... I saw that as another method - didn't work either :(

I'm soo close trying the two methods above I saw in other XDA forum posts. Did I miss a critical step?