No update for LTE versions ?

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Jun 14, 2008
This is ""normal""...

Since Gear S3... LTE devices ever the last ones...

Weeks/Months behind the BT only devices...

So this is known "phenomenon" since yearS...

IMHO chaos is greater...

Before it was easier to identify...

SM-R765A for ATT
SM-R765V for Verizon
SM-R765T for T-Mobile

All 3 are US only devices...

Now the Chaos is perfect... :eek:

IMHO users with OXA region could reach FSL3... with CSC change... :D
But only the F users with SM-R805F or SM-R815F... not the US users with SM-R805U / SM-R805U

But they are scared to loose Samsung Pay or....

Best Regards

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    LTE Variant update started rolling out on December 24th, it should get to you soon enough.
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