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Question No updates for Global Ultra version?

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Senior Member
Sep 26, 2010
Well actually I am waiting for the fastboot version which hasn't come out yet. I'll keep my current rom to do some bloatware testing in the meanwhile


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Dec 23, 2006
New York
Even though we are not on the DXO Firmware, the camera seems greatly improved. Typically the shutter lag has been reduced under certain conditions (But still slower than my GF 3 years old iphone...). Using the camera is much less frustrating. Finally!
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Dec 21, 2012

Guys, finally....Global rom
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Dec 9, 2013
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Operator certification is a bummer. But, obviously it is on it's way.
@MRaximus did you researched about changing to the euxm instead of the euvf? I bought my ultra few weeks ago and I'm on the same situation as you...waiting for the update, I always rooted my phone's until starting using online bankings and realized that magisk can't mask itself everytime...I had a few throwbacks and now I'm trying to play it safe..I've seen that the European version has an update available but I'm a little bit concerned about updating from the Vodafone version. I did put the question in here but got no answer yet. I asked the Xiaomi UK about the update to what they said they have no info about it yet. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Has anyone noticed the device is now smoother, faster, less bugs (lag, frame rate, touch screen,etc), and battery management is much better?

    i am really surprised with this update, even though it is really small but it seems to be really good.

    The only issue is that the camera has not been updated -.-
    Hopefully soon...
    It's a bit of shame: the camera is a big selling point and DXO was provided for their review with a firmware that not only wasn't our at the time but is still not out after a while... (The fact it wasn't out at the time of the review is kind of normal, since DXO actually contributed to the calibrations and did some back and force with Xioami to get to the excellent ones we are now waiting for)
    Not the end of the world, they will eventually come.... Also I am overall quite impressed by the pace of releases. It's much more frequent than a lot of other phone makers (Samsung if you read this...)
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    I can confirm 12.5.2 on my global unit is so much better than 12.0.2. Camera is better as well. Done a lot of tests. Now it’s time to retire my iPhone.
    IPHONE? you should be banned for use such of word on this forum, lol
    Xiaomi can shove this phone up their **** You don’t spend £1k to have to flash alternative firmwares. It’s not too much to expect timely updates for a BRAND new phone.
    Sell it then and buy an IPhone , I dgaf 🤣
    It’s due first week of June.
    Global Update 12.5.2 available just now RKAMIXM
    I am jealous... On the global version bought in Hong Kong (Which was released before EU), we are still stuck on
    I hope it's not going to last too long...
    Check phone. I’ve just got 12.0.2 , not what I expected , but it’s a start for now.