Noise canceling (STOCK/UNROOTED)

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New member
Jul 2, 2022

I like this phone a lot but it has some annoying features or lack of them and because I don't want to go through the potentially tedious process of selling and looking for a different one I'd rather request some help in finding a good room and root the damn thing instead.

My issues:

- Inability to disable noise canceling when recording voice memos with a built in voice recorded app (I also tested some other ones and it seems to be present with all of them. IM apps seem to be the only things where this isn't present).

- If I want to set a custom ringtone or notification sound there's no slider on the side that allows for quickly scrolling though many files or a search bar which is insane and requires endless scrolling. The only workaround is to rename the file into Aaaaaa or something so it's placed on top alphabetically.

Nothing else really bothers me besides this but the mic thing is really annoying.