Noise Pops from top speaker when in call on loudspeaker

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Apr 8, 2013
Noticed a couple times now when I have a phone call then put call through to loudspeaker and start using my phone to look at some Information etc I get volume pops every so often.

Also trying to type of I type fast we words miss a letter and spells wrong like there is send type of lag.
Anyone else with this? I've only had it 1 and 1\2 days. So will look at phoning Samsung later. Thanks


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Dec 4, 2011
Does it sound like the pop might damage speaker? If so, I would figure out how to mitigate it or exchange. Speakers are part of what makes a phone a phone and I don't y'all want to exclusively use Bluetooth to get around it, not to mention other reasons.

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    Not pressing anything I get pops through the top speaker? Surely it's not right
    I get pops in my earpiece also sometimes. Sounds like DTMF tone. Network issue. Happened on my Note 8 also.
    Next few times use headphones when making or receiving calls and see if it still pops.

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