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Nokia 8 Sudden Restart occurred Randomly

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Nov 7, 2012
【Gru Laboratories】
just replace your batterry to fix, random restart, speaker lag, and fast charging back to normal again, more info WhatsApp+6282334231924

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just replace your batterry, im replace by self, i can help you, more info WhatsApp to +6282334231924
sorry im not good to speaking English

Hy bro
I'm from indonesia too
Btw i wanna buy this phone (second hand)
Seller says battery problem (restart)
If i change battery it will solve problem?


Oct 10, 2018
For my nokia 8 (ta-1012) , the Battery Optimization process of Pie was the culprit. Once I stopped it (in system parameters...), I never experienced again a random restart.

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    To all Nokia 8 users, have you ever had any issues that sometimes your Nokia 8 starts to freeze seconds and then restart by itself? It doesn't happen once but multiple times. It happens sometimes when you are trying to do something like playing game or opening Google play app. However, since booting to OS and if you leave it be until like many hours later, it won't go sudden restart. Only when you do activities, will it suddenly restart.

    Why is this happening? The ROM and app are the same as it be and didn't happen long ago. It only happens like two days ago.

    I hope users of Nokia 8 experts have solution to this issue. Thank you

    EDITED: I found out the real cause. Although this is hypothesis, it seems GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES is the culprit. I noticed it just force closes and then whenever I launched any apps that have something to do with play services, it just goes into bootloop.

    Can anyone confirm this?
    I got not only the same issue but also the problem with sounds after update to Pie. And i realize when i put my phone in the charger, issues stop; when i put it out issues happen again and again...
    I got the same problem. When my phone's battery drops to 60% or lower it restarts whenever I spend some time surfing the net or opening up the stock camera, with the addition of removing my fingerprint scan every time it restarts that way. However, these issues immediately stop when I plug my phone to its charger. I thought the security update fixed these but sadly it didn't.
    I solved my problem, i brought my phone to Nokia care center and they replaced my battery with the new one. Thats battery problem, thats all.