[NOMone VR Browser] Enables you to surf the normal web while wearing your VR glasses!

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May 5, 2017
Hello everyone :),

I wanted to share with you our new android VR browser : NOMone VR Browser

It is a side-by-side android browser that enables you to surf the normal internet pages/content while wearing vr glasses. You can use it also for online streaming, reading manga, watching your favorite videos as if your in a cinema! or even working anywhere without laptop/desktop (just your mobile, keyboard and mouse!).

For devices with Gyro sensor, you don't even need the keyboard and mouse. Just slightly move your head( like gaze based apps), put on your earphones and use its button for clicking/ dragging.


The browser is still undergoing heavy development (like making compatible VR keyboard in the next release isA, theater mode for 360 videos and other cools features ), but it's perfectly usable now.

Let me sum up the main current features:
  • Gyroscope based pointer. Move your head and use your earphones/handsfree/controller media button to click. You can perform continuous scrolling by dragging to the top/bottom of the screen. You can also use other configurations (like a USB keyboard/mouse using OTG cable, or a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, or bluetooth keyboard/mouse).
  • From the options menu, use the calibration settings to get the ideal configuration for your cardboard or VR glasses for optimum VR/3D experience.
  • Bookmarks. Before putting your phone into the cardboard, open all the links you need and add them to bookmarks. This way you won't have to remove it to type url. Do this until the VR keyboard is ready (in next release if Allah wills).
  • If you have a small screen, try decreasing the browser scale (in calibration settings) to show more content in the same area.
  • A basic ad pop up blocking is in place to give you less hassle while browsing.
  • If you have a bluetooth VR controller, use the mouse mode (press "Fn + D"). You can drag continuously by holding left click down and using the analogue stick.
  • Opening local video files (From the gallery/file manager. Android 5.0 & 5.1 only. will work on all 5.0+ in next release isA).
  • Keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+tab, ctrl+shift+tab, ctrl+t, ctrl+shift+t, ctrl+w, ctrl+r, esc).
  • Sign up for a Cloud 9 IDE account. Happy coding.
  • Install X11VNC and connect to your remote machine using NOVNC.
  • Install a local server, like Palapa Web-server and install your tools. Now, control everything from the browser.

Known Issues:
-- The normal soft-keyboard is not fit for VR browsing.
-- Can't use the gyroscope cursor to type.

Coming up next:
-- VR keyboard.
-- Theater mode (for 360 degree immersion and more video formats support).
-- Save/Load tabs from last times.
-- Most frequently visited launch screen.
-- Lens correction.
-- Mixed reality mode (have the browser in front of you, but see the camera feed when looking to the sides).

We think the VR Browser is a great idea, but we need you support and feedback to improve it and make everyone's experience a great one. Kindly try the application and tell us what you think.

Thanks a lot for your time and effort in advance :)

Playstore link

XDA:DevDB Information
NOMone VR Browser, App for all devices with Android 5.0+ (see above for details)

noha.ibraheem, raslanove

Version Information
Status: Beta

Created 2017-05-20
Last Updated 2017-05-20


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