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Jul 13, 2020
Good day everyone... I am new to flashing and rooting, I hope you can help me step by step...

Below are specifications of my GN4:

Model #: SM-N910C Exynos
Android: 6.0.1
Kernel: 3.10.9-12947489
KNOX 2.6

I downloaded Havoc v2 for custom ROM and TWRP...
I started by hard reset of my phone. Then I download TWRP but I cannot flash this on my phone...
I am currently stuck, forgive me for the inconvenience.

How do I start again? Do I update kernel as well? I am sorry for the many question... I will try my best to learn...

Thank you for replies...


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Mar 30, 2012
i'm on....anyway i can easily root without reverting to 5? I don't wantto lose my settings and back up is lousy without bein rooted...help appreciated.

samsung note 4 verizon sm-910v running 6.0.1​

i'm on....anyway i can easily root without reverting to 5? I don't wantto lose my settings and back up is lousy without bein rooted...help appreciated.

samsung note 4 verizon sm-910v running 6.0.1​

Did you check for a chainfire autoroot file?
I read that Verizons are quite tricky.
I've been out of the loop for a few years, but I'm trying to get back into AOSP development using my old Note 4 (mostly, because it's one of the few devices I have that's both AOSP-capable and I don't actually have to depend upon for anything). It's been in a drawer for most of the past few years, so I'm trying to quickly get back up to speed with it. I know a lot has changed since the last time I really played with it.

It's a T-mobile SM-N910T that was officially unlocked by them a few years ago.

The baseband version is N910TUVU1COG2

The big things I need to know to get started again:

1. What's the device tree name I need to look for when building/flashing AOSP/Lineage/TWRP/etc? trlte? tblte? Something else? Was development for all the Snapdragon variants eventually consolidated, or are the unified ROMs still less stable and shakier than the Tmo-specific ones?

2. If I have an unlocked Tmo version, but I'd REALLY be using it with an AT&T SIM on AT&T, do I still want to go with the device tree name from #1 (assuming it's Tmo-specific, and not unified)? Or can/should I pretend it's the AT&T version going forward?

3. What do I need to do to get the best-possible radio modem firmware installed for using it on AT&T? I'm a little fuzzy about how this is supposed to work now. I know that in the past, a T-mobile phone (even unlocked) was a T-mobile phone "forever" insofar as the radio modem went... but I also know that sometime around 2015, Google changed the way Android phones are supposed to deal with this, so an unlocked phone with available radio modem firmware for multiple networks is NOW supposed to pick the best-available firmware when it wakes up connected to a new network. What I'm not sure is whether this semi-retroactively applies to phones like the Note 4, or whether that policy applied only to Nexi/Pixels, or whether the Note 4 is too old for it to apply.

4. Are there any baseband updates I should bend over backwards to avoid, because flashing them will slam the door on being able to do other desirable things like unlock the bootloader, disable Knox, etc?
Well, I eventually figured out that:
  • trlte is apparently the general tree for Snapdragon-based carrier-branded SM-N910 phones (including the SM-N910T)
  • trltetml is specific to the T-Mobile SM-N910T... but as far as I can tell, is now mostly moot for AOSP, because everything AOSP-based targets trlte
  • trltexx is the SM-N910F... nominally, the same hardware as the carrier-branded Snapdragon-based models, but sold by Samsung as unlocked and non-carrier-branded.
I'm still trying to find an AOSP-based ROM to try building. I've done it in the past... but really, not since ~2013 (Galaxy SIII). Ideally, I'm looking for...
  • Official support by the ROM's devs for the n910 (ie, not one that's alleged to work as an experimental build in a 490-page thread that can ultimately be summarized as, "oops, I guess it didn't really work all that well on a n910 after all...")
  • Build files that the creator actually tested at some point with a fresh Ubuntu install. Google and Lineage tend to be pretty good about doing this... most of the others I've encountered over the years... not so much. It makes me weep for the "Golden Era" S3 days when devs would release VMs of their entire build environment (dependencies and all) alongside it for others to use directly, instead of having to spend days wading through dependency hell.
I wouldn't actually try to flash that scratch-built ROM first (I'm not that crazy), but given that re-learning how to do it is my main goal, I want to make sure I can at least get the ROM's build process to successfully run to completion before I invest hours installing and configuring it. I've encountered way too many AOSP projects that are just flat-out broken (mostly, due to all the radical changes Google made circa 2016 that catastrophically broke just about everything written before them, and killed just about any Android-related project that wasn't being actively maintained & reworked every 6 months to survive Google's next round of radical changes).


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Jun 13, 2011
I just received a Note 4 after my beloved Galaxy s2 died suddenly.. I installed TWRP, LineageOs 18 and Magisk.

I'm slowly configuring it, but how do I get the Heart Sensor to work? The barometric sensor gives readings, the GPS is kinda weak but acceptable if outside.

I just received a Note 4 after my beloved Galaxy s2 died suddenly.. I installed TWRP, LineageOs 18 and Magisk.
I'm slowly configuring it, but how do I get the Heart Sensor to work? The barometric sensor gives readings, the GPS is kinda weak but acceptable if outside.Tnx!
Didn't even know it had a bio sensor but doesn't that need a Smartwatch?


New member
Sep 23, 2021
Hello everyone!
I need help with my Note 4 SM-N910C (Android 4.4.4). I just can't get into download mode. The default key combination does not work unfortunately. Maybe someone has an idea how I get in there?

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    Hi Everyone!

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    Anyone know the product name of the note 4?

    Galaxy Note 4 SM-910C(Exynos) and Galaxy Note 4 SM-910S(Snap Dragon)

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    Hi all, quick question for you that I can't seem to find an answer for, despite searching.

    I wanted to know whether there is a way to automate the Note 4's battery saving mode? For example could it be set to come on when my battery reaches 20% remaining?

    Thanks for any help you can offer

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    You'd have to use third party apps for this unfortunately. There's no times option or setting to move into power saving. Check out some battery monitor apps for the kind of setting you're looking for.

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    Hi Friends,

    I am completely newbie at loading stock/customs roms.
    was trying to load use twrp on my note 4, have loaded it but i deleted everything on the phone using factory reset, wipe dalvik cache etc and made a biggest mistake without taking a backup for the same. Now it shows when i am trying to reboot it says no OS installed. I am not aware how deep **** i am in. Have tried various types of roms to be installed some says unsupported dev_type, some says dm verity verification failed. i am just not understanding what needs to be done to get the phone running again. Some guidance and help will be really appreciated.


    You'll need to download the stock rom/firmware for your phone and then flash it. You should find the latest version of your firmware on sammobile and then you'll need to turn off your phone (probably a battery pull) and then press volume down+home+power to get into download mode. Flash the stock firmware using Odin and then let it boot up. It should sort the problem out.

    Flashing custom recovery is easy as long as you've got root access. You need to root your phone first before you can flash a custom recovery. Once you've rooted your phone, try using the app flashify. It's a great app and really easy to install custom recovery and roms.

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    What are the different s pen tips for? I really haven't found any videos or docs on it

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    They are spares. The difference between the gray and the white ones is the friction coefficient. Try them and use whichever suits you better.
    Hello, and many thanks to the person who can help me in my predicament ... I have tried to flash "refined nougat" on my samsung galaxy note 4 N910C ... I do all the required steps both in the wipes (cache, data system etc ) as well as in the steps of the "aroma" installation interface; but at the time of starting. the device stays in the logo "samsung galaxy note 4" and throws a message on the top left that says "kernel is not seandroid enforcing" ... does anyone know what this error was about?:confuso:
    (I'm sorry my English is very bad) :(


    Hola, y muchas gracias a la persona que me pueda ayudar en mi predicamento... he intentado flashear "refined nougat" en mi samsung galaxy note 4 N910C... hago todos los pasos requeridos tanto en los wipes(cache,data system etc) como tambien en los pasos de la interfaz de instalacion "aroma"; pero al momento de hacer el arranque. el dispositivo se queda en el logo"samsung galaxy note 4" y arroja un mensaje arriba a la izquierda que dice "kernel is not seandroid enforcing" ... alguien sabe a que sedeba este error ?
    (lo siento mi ingles es muy malo)

    Don't worry, it has no problem with rom functionality.

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    Hi all,

    Been around the XDA forum but mostly lurking and have previously flashed Cyanogenmod on a Lenovo tablet as it was filled with bloatware and other garbage/viruses a while ago.

    My N910C tends to heat up and give me sluggish performance, and I've been looking at ROMs such as 'Resurrection Remix 7.0.2' and all those cool stuff, unfortunately those are for Snapdragon versions of the Note 4 and I was really itching for something to give me the Pie/Oreo kind of an interface whilst being completely minimal of all Samsung bloatware and crap. It seems the Exynos phones are much more limited due to their closed/secret codes kept by Samsung so I was wondering what's the way to move forward with my Note 4..?

    I think it's about time I root it and let it free but at the same time, the Snapdragon phones seem to be having a lot more of the cooler features (with the acceptable limitations of features here and there) but simply put, I've got a Note 4, N910C and I'm completely lost as to what to do with it now. I've read through recommended ROMs and such but everyone has their own opinion and I'm just looking for an Android Pie sort of an interface that can change the color as well as 'Resurrect' the phone and breathe some fresh life into it.

    As much as this seems to be a 'halp plz' post, I'm honestly just looking for a suggestion/suggestions to what to flash to give me what I am more or less looking for by people who know what's going on and been happening, what to avoid and choose and etc as the amount of things here for the Note 4 is crazy on both sides. I'm also looking into having/making a custom boot logo if that helps add to it for the push of personalization as I've done such things to my iPhones back in the days as well as my PCs. It comes from my bad habit of putting personal touches to my restored cars. (:)


    There's not much you can do for the 910C. Limitations of Exynos, you are correct. Many are like you, only one development of AnanJasser1211 on the Exynos models.
    The nougat version if daily usable but some features don't work as expected (bugged or don't work at all). It's take it or leave it.
    Don't expected much on this area because the note 4 is a 32 bit os on a locked 64 bit processor, blame Samsung for their greed for $$.
    I'm slowly saving money for a newer phone. My suggestion is to do the same, if possibe. One day we've got to let it go.
    I guess you can't race with a BelAir on a F1 race, amirite :silly:
    Life goes on alongside with tech progress.