Noob Question: ROMs not working?

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Aug 14, 2016
I rooted my device using the following method:


(In short, I downloaded Odin3 v. 3.10.6 & Installed TWRP 3.0.2). Whoop! :)
So I verified my device is now rooted (via Root Check app). Now here's where I'm running into trouble .. I'm wanting to install the Dr. Ketan ROM (Galaxy S7 conversion) using the following method:


But I'm running into the problem where when I load the ROM, it says the following:

no MD5 file found

Zip file is corrupt!
Error installing zip file ‘/external_sd/’

Do I have to download a custom Marshmallow ROM if I already have stock Marshmallow 6.0.1 on my phone for above ROM to work correctly? (My phone is the SM- N910T version). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm so interested in getting into this but there's so much information out there, I'm getting a bit overwhelmed and not sure quite where to start. I know there is a link on this site to get this ROM going but I'm really not understanding their process and above site puts everything in laymen's terms for me- thanks in advanced :)

I verified the downloaded ROM has an MD5 via MD5 Check Utility v2.31
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