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Oct 7, 2014
hie i moved from iphone 4s to note 4 in oct last year however kept busy so could realy get in customizing it much yet howeve now tht i do have time i was thinking of rooting it and seeing how it goes however i understand then ota updates dnt work if i root would then updating over kies with a cable b fine also i understand tht knox is tripped so no warranty after tht however say after rooting i install custom roms would the s pen and finger print scaners and stuff normally cause they are a few thing tht i do use frequently . any other cons that i shd know before rooting or flashng custom roms ?


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Mar 12, 2011
Newport City
Installing a custom rom without rooting does not break the warrenty and you will be able to use all the features of the Note 4 as you would if you were using the stock firmware. Rooting just makes you a super user and allows you to install apps which require root privilages such as Titanium Backup.
Pardon me but to install custom roms you require a custom recovery which would trip Knox?

Okay, so first of all ask yourself whether you want to use knox specific features such as secure pay (Pay by using NFC), KNOX enterprise features which an average user will not use.
Secondly, If you wish to remove apps that are pre-installed on the device as they may be slowing down the device and ruining battery life then you will have to root or install a custom rom to deal with those, or you could simply try disabling them in the app manager without root.
After rooting if you use Touchwiz based custom roms you will still have 99% of the Note 4 features still available and sometimes you get additional features which would otherwise not be available for example removing restrictions such as recording calls which maybe disabled in your region or carrier. This is just one of the many features that you gain.
So your Spen, fingerprint scanner will all work as long as you use a Touchwiz based rom.
If however you want to use the latest and greatest version of Android and enjoy a clean and smooth experience then you may wish to install AOSP roms however they currently do no support fingerprint scanner and nor do they have built in SPen features.
A custom recovery will allow you to backup your current rom and restore it later if you so desire, this backup will store you settings, apps and the current rom which can be restored if you want to return to the setup.
The only con of rooting and flashing is that you read the instructions in the thread and do no deviated from it unless you know what you are doing.
Voiding your warranty is also a potential con, however here in the UK and Europe Samsung will have to repair your device in accordance to the law and I have had my Samsung Galaxy S4 repaired multiple times with the KNOx warranty tripped; however Samsung have rejected some claims in the past for some people.
If you have anymore questions then please do not hesitate to ask.


Apr 21, 2014
The best advice I can give is Google till you just can't any more! Read everything you can about rooting your model of handset...then read it two more times. I've rooted a few phones now and never hit more than a simple soft brick which is easily fixed. Because I read everything I can find before I start.
Not a direct answer to your questions I know but hopefully both reassurance and warning at the same time.
On a side note if is really just customisation you want without the adventure of rooting try a launcher like nova, Go etc. You can really go wild with customisation without losing any features or tripping Knox.