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[Nook HD+] Nook HD/HD+ support thread

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Feb 23, 2011
Inglewood, California
Now that Nook HD has been released for the I have started up a proper support thread. Please keep it as back reports and help.

Please use this thread to post feedback and to ask questions. The Dev thread is for exactly that, development and not support! Please keep the development thread clear of support and feedback posts.

Known live support NOT available

When posting a bug or issue please use the following format

----------Do you have any mods on your Nook HD/HD+ <-(as per request) (updates or system modifications)
----------If yes to above what have you installed
----------Where is this bug (main system or which application):
----------Can this bug be easily replicated:
----------If yes to above how can we replicate it to check:
----------Description of the bug
----------Any other information we may find useful

(thank CelticWebSolutions for the text)
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Oct 3, 2011
Please remove reference to NT a this is the Nook HD/HD+. People may mistake this for the Nook Tablet 7 inch.

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